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    Heyaaaaa! Been wanting to find a new rp for a while now ever since Discord’s NSFW restrictions thanks to the Apple Store, so moved here in hopes of a new place to start in!


    I’m a semi literate to literate straight sub who plays mainly female characters, with a possible exception for femboys. Noting that I’m looking for male roleplayers, but others who can be male themselves in the roleplay I am also fine with. I’m well experienced with a good 6 years, and I’m also fairly good with playing multiple characters too. 

    Kinks include:
    -Rough sex
    -Public Sex
    -Dirty Talking
    -Outercourse(Definite Yes, Looking for this more often)

    Limits are:
    Vore, Gore, Hyper, and heavy inflation. Anything else I haven’t said in limits/kinks are up for debate.


    -Doki Doki Literature Club
    -Genshin Impact(+)
    -League of Legends
    -Stardew Valley 
    -Code Vein
    -Hyperdimension Neptunia+
    -Fire Emblem (Awakening/Fates/Three Houses+)
    -Azur Lane
    -Vtubers(+, at least somewhat knowledgeable about this, mainly Hololive but I know VShojo as well)
    -Guardian Tales
    -Touhou (Still relatively new)
    -Girls Frontline
    -Monster Musume
    -My Hero Academia
    -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
    -Fate Series (Grand Order/Apocyrpha/Zero/UBW)
    -Crush Crush(++)
    -Persona 4/5/Royal
    -Guardian Tales

    —More I might know but forgotten, say what else you know and I might just know it myself!

    Looking for Fandom based roleplays please! It’s really the one I’m the most comfortable with as well as the most experienced with too! Please note, I’d love for you to also speak about what ideas/fandoms you have in mind for your first response!



    I will be not on ED as often as I am on somewhere else. If you are interested in this request, please be patient with me, I won’t be on all the time and if I am on, it won’t be for long.

    P.S: Please try to introduce yourself nicely, I’m a chatty type so I’d appreciate it if the first dms I get isn’t ‘Hey wanna roleplay?’ sorta thing and and an actual conversation. That, or a nice and lovely introduction speaking your mind about what fandoms you have in mind for a roleplay. Anyhoo, have a wonderful day!

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