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  • Long Term Partners Wanted

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey, new here but thought I'd at least make one of these. I'm pretty simple to please but I do enjoy a story. So really my preference lies within the story. I like writing out smut don't get me wrong. But there has to be a nice meaty story behind it. If that isn't your cup of tea I'm sorry. But Alas a few things about me. 

    • I only write in third person (I would highly recommend someone that also does)
    • I typically write anywhere from 3-5 paragraphs if not more. 
    • More about story and building a world so I would say like 70/30 or 80/20 story/smut. (ex D&D  DM so world building is kinda my thing)
    • I am not too picky with grammar or spelling, as long as I get the jist I'm happy lol
    • Pretty patient. 
    • I only play male chars. (rarely will I play female) 

    Thats enough about me. I would really like a partner that could keep up with how much I write or at least give the effort. Like I said I'm not too picky but that is one of the areas I am picky in. Since I like the story elements I try to find ppl that enjoy the story also. With that here is what you really came for some ideas I have atm. These are just a couple general ideas/rough drafts, if interested will def expand more. Also these are just ideas I had on the spot, more than welcome to hear your ideas or any plots you really wanted to do.  

    Old Friends.

    A story of rekindling a friendship or more, Two very close friends in their high school days eventually moved on with their lives. But one day while in the city they see each other and decide to go out for drinks or coffee. Remembering their days they spent together in school and all the fun times they had. He moved to attend university to grasp his dream, she went to local university and found a job in the city. He had moved back and found a decent job for himself in the city. 

    D&D based idea

    An exciting tale in a D&D world full of dragons and monsters and evil plots. A guild is tasked to take care a lot of these things. There will be fighting, war, mind battles at castles but most of all a great adventure. Where two people from a guild meet and take on the dangers of this world. 

    Music is life 

    A pretty popular band is the new up an comers in the scene and by scene I mean the metal scene where the music is heavy but carries a lot of weight.  The lead singer has one of the best clean vocals but the most brutal unclean vocals as well. He is playing a show and he catches the eye of someone in the crowd what will happen next?

    A SAO theme

    Okay SO. SAO is a trash imo such a good idea wasted and could have been done much better. But it has life in the world it made. I wouldn't mind doing original chars that were stuck in the game and they meet somehow  in the game. Either through a guild, he saves her, or vise versa, or something. I think the game world of SAO has a lot to offer rp wise. 🤷‍♂️


    But yea if you interested in rping with me dont be shy to msg me. I know the ideas above are not many but like I said, if you think I would be a good partner to you I would love to hear your ideas also. So yea that's it for me.

    Good Hunting. 




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