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    Hii everyone I'm looking for an RP partner (M or F) for one of these RP ideas.

    After years of training I was finally of age to join the guild.  My father was the leader of the guild before he retired and passed the tourch off to you.  Of course being his daughter made me a shoo-in for the position, and you eagerly take me under your wing.  It doesn't take long for us to realize how much chemistry and attraction there is between us, and things get spicy very fast.



    The world ended months ago and I quickly lost track of what little family I have left.  I hide most of the day and scavenge for food and supplies for a few hours before night fall.  But I make a mistake and quickly put myself in danger, only for you to swoop in and save the day at a moments notice.  You take me back to your camp, and the cold nights and forced closeness quickly build up  lots of desire between the two of us.


    Slice of Life

    What random set of events pushes us together? School? Work? Family or friends? Whichever way you choose life as decided that were to be together.  Of course we get closer and closer, until you can't keep your hands to yourself.  (incest is cool for this one)

    Major kinks for these RP's are: first times, roughsex, breeding(with male characters), oral, and cuddling.

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