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  • Looking for someone to play Abigail from Stardew Valley

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    So I recently started playing stardew valley again, mostly to prepare a file for the 1.5 update; and obviously I got obsessed with the game again. As expanded as the relationship scene and heart events are in the game I really want more of it, so out of desperation I am here; looking for a partner to roleplay as Abigail with me. As for experience in the game, I have multiple files with over 100 hours on them. So I am looking for someone who is really familiar with the canon events, the character's relationship with the other npcs. However, I don't mind if you'd like to add non canon scenes as long as it's not out of the ordinary from the stardew valley verse.

    As for my character, he is more of a miner than a farmer, loves adventure and dark stuffs. As the story continues, you will see he wants to be a successor of Rasmodius more than becoming a successful farmer. Abigail will have an endless supply of amethysts and enough quartz so she never goes hungry again 😉

    As much as I want erotica, I don't want the roleplay to be a smut only with a canon theme. If you are up for it, let's discuss cx Post a comment or shoot me an ecchi text. Although I am primarily looking for a private roleplay, I don't mind if you would prefer the roleplay to take place in a club or other public places cx

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