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  • [M dom for f sub] Pet by law

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    Hello, I am a 30 years old dominant from Europe.
    I am looking for a female sub who would be able to play 2 sisters/good friends. Roleplay would be 3. person and I expect a couple of lines per reply.

    The roleplay will be petplay focused.
    The background of the story/world we play about, will be around a near future. At some point not that long ago new laws would have passed, that allow slavery again but only as part of a judgement by the government.
    As part of this special young females could be sent to a sentence to become a pet. The punishment could be only a a couple of day's to Months or even to a life sentence.
    Those slaves would then sold by the government giving them some easy money and ofcourse reduce the cost of prisons. As the prices payed for younger slaves are quite high, the government tent's to give high sentences for even small crimes.

    You would play two sisters /friends who got caught shoplifting and are therefore both are sentences to a 5 years service as pet's. During the time you would be striped of all your basic human rights.
    Now you two wait in a small cell to be auctioned of.
    Who would you end with, a stranger, someone you might know well but can't stand?

    I am also a big fan of world building so we can also talk about the world and the law's for pets first.

    I would prefer to play over discord.

    Kinks: stockings, heels, skirts, spanking,  humiliation, degradation, noncon, force, anal, harem, petplay, age gap s, but I am open to much more even darker ones.

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    If you’re interested in this story still, hit me up! I’ll be online later tonight and would be will to discuss it with ya then if you’re on!

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