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  • (M lf F) To write onseself in and out of existance. Nouns and verbs, creation and animation.

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Looking for female writer to collaborate on a magical, sensual, erotic, journey as we write ourselves into existence.

    Two consciousness's wake up in the void, the past is but a series of impressions and sensations, no bodies, no world around us, our voices are our first realization that we are not alone. This awakening begets memories and images from which the world and our physical form take shape. An ever changing world of pure instantaneous creation through thought.

    A whimsical fantasy, where reality is constructed and destructed with the stroke of the pen (keyboard), as we slowly piece ourselves back together, the possibilities are limitless, nouns beget the material world and verbs animate it.

    First person present tense is essential for this.

    If any of this sounds interesting to you EcchiText Me!

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