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  • M looking for female for a Pet shop roleplay(nekos and more)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking


    The Adorable animal girl shop!

    This rp will be a lovely scene at which you play a animal girl! You are free to bring a anthro reference or just a regular human girl with animal ears and tail!  Nekos and such like that! (I have references for the nekos) in this rp you will be playing the girl in which I want to adopt! For this rp I would prefer the girl be short! Chubby short petite short! Body type is up to you I just prefer the height stay at 5’ or below!(size play kink)

    As for the starting to this scene! I would be playing a black male named Austin (reference will be given ) he is 28 and looking for one of these pet girls after stumbling upon the shop one drunken night on his way home! Going back in the morning to take a look! 

    Now as this rp does sound very light hearted I have two version.. full dark non con and lighter dub con version! For this rp I would prefer not to have full consent 

    For the dark non con scene there is some rules.. for this darker version  unrealistic cock size Is a must kink and so is sexual pain! As for the scene  this is it!

    Dark scene:as I walked into the shop there was only one thing on my mind.. I heard girls that lived in these type of shops had amazing body’s.. as well as their holes were always tight due to them have long healing ability’s! This making it impossible to make them loose! This making them the perfect little toys for people like me a man that suffers from a rare medical issue that caused my cock to be unrealistically long and thick! And I planed your do nothing.. but use and abuse you.. 

    Dub-con scene:in this scene it will see me as a more hung bastard in need of a loving needy pet! Of course the idea is these girls are the best for sex.. but they are also human like in that they need love and attention.. well that’s where the idea of tricking them comes into play as my character will pretend to be as loving and caring as he can just so that he can roughly and hardly make his new pet take his cock once in bed! 

    Below are my kinks and limits I would like if you pick at least one of the sub categories to play from and if you like some from one of the others let me know!

    My kinks are anal,ass to mouth, , sloppy/messy oral and face fucking, , innocent girls, non con,  degrading and humiliation , bigger on small. And cock worship
    Sub categories!
    A: unrealistic cocks 18+ inches, stomach bulge and sexual pain nothing better then big cocks causing pain, rimming my ass love when girls eat guy butt
    B:toilet play all of it vomit to scat farting all of it , musk/smell play, heavy degradation
    😄 monsters furry or anthro! No human in a fur suit! Only pure bread monsters and beast.. nothing but weird cocks knots flared horse cocks and large penetrations, this also will have sexual pain , ear sex

    Limits:gore vore snuff and overly slutty! I love an innocent broken bitch

    So I know you read this! Please tell me your kinks and HARD LIMITS anything that you won’t do must be stated please do not come and just say hey I’m not looking to chat I want to rp! Also please tell me why anal is fun!

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