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  • M4? Looking for something dark and violent

    • Comment here first! Looking

    I don't have anything particular in mind, but I've been on a bit of an involuntary hiatus the past month or so and I have a hankering for something far darker than is on my plate at the moment. Comment here or PM me with your thoughts and ideas.

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    QwQ I can’t think of anything at the moment old man but I just wanted to be here and say I’m going to think! 

    Something bloody maybe...? War? Aliens? Or maybe...

    An unknown threat that plagues the world!!

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    Ooh.. I can't wait to hear what you come up with. I'll give it a think too.

    We've done a demon before so maybe something else. Bloody for certain though demon worshippers? Inquisition? Gives a bit of war flavor too?

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    Dark and violent...it could be simple "witch hunt" scenario where everyone has bit of paranoia which led to violence and perhaps, a heresy where things didn't go as it should. 

    Or perhaps a typical story where a man can't forgive themselves and swirl deeper into their emotion, fueling them with more grief which perhaps, setup in your typical insane asylum...where inhumane treatment running the business.

    I'm up for the violent and dark theme as long as the violence doesn't reach level of body deformity. But the thing is, i'm not sure how it goes if you also want smut included. I'm up for discussion should you have me as RP partner for this scenario. No pressure.

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