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  • (M4ApF) A Whole New World (Pokemusu)

    Heyya! I'm looking for anyone to do an RP about Kinkymations PokeMusu Dex. A dex imagining (currently) Gen 1 Pokemon as Moe/Gijinka. I believe that's the term for it. I'll past a ref of one here. I'm looking for anyone that can play the Female Pokemon and if you have some GM experience maybe even be a GM but that's entirely optional. All that's required is you being able to play a Female Pokemon. So far Kinkymations has not finished Gen 1 of their Pokemusu Dex but I'm up for including the other generation of Pokemon but I totally understand if you just wanna stick with Gen 1.

    This RP will be a long term about my character who long story short was chosen to be a researcher to enter a Hoopa's portal and find out whats on the otherside. Upon entering said Pokemon returns and retrieves their hoop portal, sealing my character on the other end where everything but the Pokemon are the same and so far no sign of human life. The story/Intro itself will be spoilered so it doesn't take too much space of this post so please do give it a read. The RP will follow my character trying to survive in this new world and at the same time studying and documenting the strange Pokemon in this new world or dimension. All he can do is either wait until the Aether Foundation can rescue him or possibly create a way back or if he's lucky find Jirachi or another Hoopa. Pokeballs won't be used but battles can be a thing if you'd like.

    Ad for writing please be able to write at least 5 PC lines. 1st or 3rd person are welcome and I happily write in either perspective! As for kinks they'll be pretty vanilla for this rp but feel free to include any if you'd like. But that should be everything. If you're interested at all feel free to EcchiText me.

    Kinks: Anal/Vaginal sex, Anal/vaginal creampie, blowjob, facial, fem dom/sub, petplay, master/pet, biting/hickeys, scratching (not enough to draw blood), cunnilingus, titfucking, thighjob, femdom/sub, light bondage (pinning/holding one down) bondage (vines, webs, goo etc), size/height difference.

    Limits: gore/guro, death, blood, piss/fart/scat, toiletplay, watersports, wedgie, vomit, CBT, feet/foot kinks, stepping on, ball-busting, diapers and pain kinks

    A Whole New World Intro


    It all started a few months ago. In between the 4 Alolan Islands in an artificial island called, Aether Paradise. Deep within the tight security of Aether Paradise lay a dormant portal in the shape and appearance of a ring. The portal, purple and black as it swirled into the center. Beckoning any curious passerby a chance to step inside into wherever it would take them. The portal lay dormant and unnoticed for quite some time until a janitor one day discovered it. He never reported the strange thing until he casually mentioned it to one of the Aether Employees during lunch. Wicke, an Aether Foundation employee was curious and asked the janitor to show them where it was and he lead them to the portal.

    There it was just sitting in a relatively unnoticed part of the lab that hasn't seen much traffic in a few months. They thanked the Janitor and began to call Lusamine, The President of the Aether Foundation to discuss and plan out experiments with the strange portal. She was about to hang up if it was in regards to another Ultra Wormhole but Wicke explained it wasn't an Ultra Wormhole but one they've never seen and described its appearance. It was gold and fairly thin almost as if it were some sort of ring or hoop. Lusamine immediately stopped what she was doing and began her hasty return to Aether Foundation and ordered they create a testing facility right away.

    Once Lusamine arrived at Aether Paradise she went straight towards the makeshift testing facility. Of course with some time it'll become a proper testing facility but for now it'll do. The room had some wires and cables going all over the place connecting to some floodlights. Some clamps were biting down on the portal and connected to a laptop as scientists were quickly researching it. Lusamine was in awe as she entered the room examining the strange portal. Almost as if she knew what it was. Wicke asked Lusamine if she had any idea of what it was and so she told them what they're dealing with.

    "It's indeed a portal make no mistake, a portal created by the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa. The Pokemon is able to take and displace people and Pokemon anywhere it wants and to wherever it wills." And so weeks of research commenced. Scientists were quickly experimenting with the portal. Throwing various objects of varying sizes and elements and bringing them back. They remained intact and unchanged once making the transition over and back to their world or location. They did find that there were some grass and dirt on the object. Germs and bacteria was consistent with their dimension. So either it's a world or planet similar to theres or a different location on their planet entirely. They then decided going bigger by deploying a drone through the portal. It went in and unfortunately once it entered the other side the camera feed displayed static and the drone itself barely responsive. With no choice they had to send in a living being.

    They chose their candidate. Tested and trained them for whatever they may face and armed them with a special suit to protect them from any harm located on the other end and provide plenty of oxygen. The day finally came. The man was tied via harness to quickly drag them out should something happen. Along with that he was given a notebook and pencil if there were any undiscovered Pokemon on the other end. The man was ready, said his goodbyes and began to walk toward the portal. He slowly took one big step in and another in as he found himself on the other side. His walkie immediately short circuiting. It seems no electricity works there. On the otherside the man found himself in a grass plain with a forest nearby but no signs of human civilization anywhere. He ventured deeper into the place to look further but disaster would soon strike.

    Back at Aether Paradise a sneaky little Pokemon had returned for their portal. The Hoopa surprised everyone and began to shrink their portal ever so slowly. Immediately the harness was activated! One of the scientists activated the emergency protocol system and the harness was immediately tugging and pulling the man back in. He fell back and noticed the portal was shrinking. The harness was pulling him in too quickly for him to get up and run. He had to hope the device pulling him back on the other end was fast enough to get him out. The portal kept getting smaller and smaller all while the scientists tried their best to expand it. Machamps, Sawks and Throhs used all their combined strength but it would not budge nor did it slow down. The Hoopa just hovered in the air laughing and chuckling as the portal eventually closed cutting the harness as if it were butter. The mans blood ran cold as he saw the cut end of the harness fall beside him. The portal was now the size of a ring. The scientists quickly threw their Pokeballs on hand while the Hoopa was still present but all missed as the Hoopa opened her own portal and made their escape. The man is now trapped in an entirely new world...





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