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  • [M4F] Taboo Father/Daughter Modeling Scenario

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    Departing my from usual very fantastical erotic roleplay settings, I've had a scenario set in the modern world on my mind for a while that I'm hoping to find a partner for.

    The basic premise is a father discovering that his daughter models on an onlyfans style modeling site and they end up entering into an incestuous relationship, but I am very open to the details and how that develops. It could be that he seeks out her site after catching a glimpse of her 'modeling' in the backyard and becomes her biggest fan and tipper without her knowing for a while. Or perhaps in order to juice up the numbers on her site and because she's always had a crush on daddy she comes to him and asks him to join a scene with her?

    Some other things I'd love to work in would be lots of sexual outfits, cosplay, lingerie, etc. Toys of all kinds, from remote vibrators to bad dragon style dildos. Lots of cumplay and creampies and it would be a bonus for a partner interested in playing out pregnancy. At least for the start, I'd want the focus to be father and daughter, but down the line we could add other characters be they other fans, other models, other family members or friends brought in to join in on the fun.

    For the feel of the RP, I am looking for a partner who wants to play this up as fun, flirting, teasing and exploratory, not looking for any dub-con or non-con. Once both father and daughter know the truth of their relationship, they'll be happy about it, not reluctant, even if it is taboo. I would be open to working in rougher things, like bondage, but again it would be a consensual exploration of that between the characters.

    I realize this might be a bit bare bones, but I'd love to discuss and set something up with an interested partner. PM if you're interested, want more details or want to see a kinklist for compatibility.

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