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  • (M4Futa) A Mothers Roommate

    Heyya! Got a new post. I'm looking for anyone to play as a futa oc from my favorite nsfw artist: Peculiart. Specifically I'm lookin for ya to play as Abigail Oakwood in this smutty long term erp.

    The gist of this RP is that Abigails son, Stacy. Has moved out of his home to live with his girlfriend, Roxy. Which means Abigail is now alone and a bit furious at her son but she can't stop him from leaving the nest. So now she's feeling rather lonely and needs someone to fill this void in her home. So she uses a roommate site to take in someone and that happens to be my character. As our characters live together Abigail realizes this void in her isn't loneliness but love as she's a single mother. Having nobody to call her own and she hopes perhaps my character will be interested in her.

    I'd also be up to add the other Oakwood sisters into the RP once our characters are fully dating and when Abigail decides to let them know. Could add some fun into the rp but that's optional! For writing please be able to write 5 pc lines, 1st or 3rd perspectives are welcome!

    We can do this RP here or if you would like maybe Discord? Up to you! As for my kinks they're all optional so feel free to add/remove any. I'm looking for primarily switches for this RP. I'll post the intro and reference sheets of each of the Oakwoods here.

    I hope to get some takers! Feel free to Ecchitext me if you're interested.

    Kinks: futa dom/sub, frottage, anal/vaginal sex, anal/vaginal creampie, blowjob, deepthroating, lipstick marking (giving/receiving), thighjob, titfucking, mild hyper cock (8-16 inches), excessive cum, stomach bulge, mild-moderate cumflation, lactation, cum swap (via kissing), cock slapping, musk, romance, aftercare, name calling (cum dump, slut etc), hair pulling (giving/receiving), face fucking, double penetration, spitroast, light bondage (pinning/holding one down), biting/hickeys, bondage (rope, cuffs, etc), blindfold, toys (dildo/buttplug), cunnilingus, fingering, rimming (receiving/giving), hidden sex, exhibitionism and public play

    Limits: death, gore/guro, snuff, extreme BDSM, leather/latex suits, blood, piss/fart/scat, feet/foot kinks, ABDL, diapers, painal, fisting, prolapse, pain kinks, abuse, watersports, toiletplay, wedgies, vomit, drugs, bladder control, stepping kinks, feminization/sissification, bimbofication, sounding, chastity, CBT and ball-busting


    The Plot:


    "How could he do this to me!?" Said a mother as she stomped about her own home. Her large, bushy and curled tail moving behind her as she was furious at someone. Her own son. "How could that Stacy do this to his own mother!? Moving away and leaving his poor old mommy alone. And to live with that b r a t. That... That..." She turned her head unable to finish her sentence as her eyes locked onto a picture frame of her and her son. Her anger melted away as what replaced it was sadness. "I can't get mad at him... My little Stacy..." Her ears dropped as her son, Stacy had moved away. Sometimes it's a mothers worst nightmare. Her son is all grown up and has left the nest to live with his girlfriend, Roxy. Abigail doesn't like Roxy. At first Abigail liked her but when she found out Stacys plan to move in with her, Abigail was furious. It wasn’t exactly a secret but Abigail had formed a grudge against Roxy. But there's nothing she can do now. She knows she can’t get in the way of love. All she can do is just be supportive and has grown to like Roxy.

    Alas she's now home alone. Nobody around. No son. Nobody to call her own. Abigail is a single mom and always has been for the longest time. She’s also one of four sisters. She has a wonderful job as do her siblings and yet here she is with nobody to fill this void of loneliness in her heart. She went about her day getting used to it but eventually she had a brilliant idea! She can just look for a roommate online. She just needs to clean up the house. So days of cleaning the house commenced. She cleaned the spare bedroom. Tidied up the house and hid some... undesirables as she posted an ad to "GroovyRoomie." A popular site to find a roommate! Abigail typed up her ad and posted it!

    "Single mom of one is looking for anyone to fill this lonely house with another person! My son has left the nest and now I'm in search of someone. Rent is affordable and cheap. You will have your own room, bathroom among other amenities. You can reach me at Oakwood45@acorn(dot)com. Toodles~"

    The Oakwoods:


    Abigail Oakwood

    Amy Oakwood (She's my personal favorite of the four)

    August Oakwood

    Avery Oakwood

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