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  • [Male 4 Female] Mom/Sis Rapes Me

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    This is my first post on this site! I'm a bit nervous and so I decided to just copy and paste a prompt i made weeks ago for another site and have decided to leave...so...sorry if something is wrong here! I'm trying hahahahaeeee....

    Hello~ this prompt will deal with non-con which is non-negotiable. ūüôā I understand if you're not okay with that but do not message with the expectation of changing the plot.¬†

    The Plot is simple.  It can go many ways but i desire to initially start it off as a hungry single-mom lusting for her son.  I play the son who isn't very much sexually experienced but is very much turned on by you when you approach me with the intention on taking my virginity. 

    I do not want to fuck you at first,  i do not want to do any of this from the get go. But maybe you saw me naked recently,  maybe you saw me watching porn,  or maybe you've always felt this way and decided to act. Either way,  now you're forcing me down to be your toy. 

    After the initial rape, we can go a few ways.  Maybe you tie me up and force me to be your new toy forever. Maybe i give in and want nothing but to please you.  Or maybe you finish with me,  then pretend you never did it,  only to come back and do it several times.  Manipulating me and using fear to make sure i never tell a soul. Whatever the case,  you have me wrapped around your fingers.  

    Kinks: Anal, femdom, excessive cum, non-con, petplay, and plenty more! 

    Limits: toilet stuff, vomit, inflation,  other guys

    Message me your kinks and limits. If you are a guy playing a female,  i am not interested in roleplaying with you.

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