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  • Malice is Wonderland...or Frankenstein lover, anyone?[Subs only please]

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    Hello again everyone,

    This is an idea I've been brewing on for a while.

    Malice is Wonderland idea

    1) A darker version of Alice in Wonderland where Alice [could be a guy or a girl] is not as innocent as everyone seem to think. The first idea with this is that she is in wonderland but she's more of the villain and trying to take over, perhaps becoming obsessed or liking one of the characters there [Mad Hatter, a humanoid Cheshire cat or humanoid White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts or White Queen]. The second part of this idea is that Wonderland isn't even real, its all Alice imagination as she has a psychotic break and she's in a mental hospital. In this one she could like someone in the mental hospital, perhaps another patient or something. Looking to do MxM or FxF my character would be the domme in the relationship.


    Frankenstein's Lover idea

    2) My second idea is a take on Frankenstein but perhaps more modern or something. My Frankenstein was revived by his brother who was also a doctor, after Frankenstein died as a human from a rare illness. His brother couldn't accept it and used his forbidden research to bring Frankenstein back using either a rare plant, a rare creature or something like blood from virgins/ innocence.  When Frankenstein was reborn he had no memories of his past life, if he was reborned using plants he gives an allergic reaction to certain people and creatures, if its from blood of something/ someone innocent he has to feed on blood in order to sustain himself. The only thing that he can recollect is a face which belonged to his lover when he was human, that is where your character would come in, either being a reincarnation of that human/ creature or a descendant...or even that lover from his past. Looking to do MxM or FxF might do MxF. RP can be either light and romantic or we can go dark with it.


    Comment down below or Ecchitext me if interested.

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