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    Hello one and salutations to all! Just a lil Multiversal gal here to seek out some stuff! I plan on reusing this thing a lot so be prepared for lengthy descriptions!

    Currently (and surprisingly) on the lookout for some interesting fandom roleplay! The contents and whatnot can always be discussed via dms, but I will warn you people four things:

    |One, I tend to be rather busy. Thankfully I’m not so busy as of the week I posted this in, but please understand I’m not on here 24/7.

    Secondly, I can be forgetful, and often times I don’t reply to a roleplay due to there being many others I am replying to besides the one I would be doing with you. If that is the case, don’t hesitate to send a little bump message to let me know!

    Thirdly, I can’t accept all incoming requests at once, and likely first come first served scenario with this. I seriously dislike being piled up with too many roleplays, and for best quality, I don’t want to overburden myself. However I will try my best to not ghost/abandon the roleplay, and only if I HAVE to leave it will I say something about it.

    Finally, I always enjoy my descriptions and details, quality Is an amazing trait to have in roleplay. Therefore, please do not give me some shoddy request like “hey I wanna roleplay with you about something”. It’s indirect and lazy, a huuuuuge turn off for me roleplay tastes. So please message with some a decent introduction about yourself, along with what you wish to roleplay and a possible scenario. This will make things easier for me to understand, and we can plan much more easily together.|

    Bluh! So much words of formality!... Now, moving onto the big thing you’ve came here for. 





    My personal roleplay experience led me to be a rather literate writer, so I always enjoy that beloved quality. I’m rather open minded when it comes to kinks and plots, so there usually is never an issue when it comes to arranging what my partner enjoys. I also have experience roleplaying multiple characters, and have done a variety of harem-based roleplays, so if that’s your thing then I gotchu covered! Of course, I do not like being multiple characters at the same time often. It takes a lot out of me, but I have no limit to how many characters I’d play as.

    Fandoms I Know Of (May be more that I don’t quite remember, though simply ask and I will answer!):

    + ==> Looking for a roleplay with this, message me if you got a good idea!

    — ==> Not really looking for this atm, but ask if need be.


    -Genshin Impact

    -Code Vein +

    -Final Fantasy 7

    -Guardian Tales +

    -Stardew Valley

    -Hyperdimension Neptunia

    -League of Legends

    -Doki Doki Literature Club +


    -Skullgirls +

    -Arknights +

    -Blue Archive


    -Honkai Star Rail

    -Omega Strikers


    -Danganronpa ++


    -Destiny Child

    -Fate Series (Apocrypha, Stay Night, Zero, Grand Order)

    -Persona 4/5 Royal

    -Chunibyo, Love, and Other Delusions

    -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

    -RWBY (Volumes 1-4)

    -Fire Emblem (Fates, Awakening, Echoes, Three Houses+)

    -Azur Lane

    -Girls Frontline

    -Rising of the Shield Hero

    I’m sure there’s more I have missed, but eh... who knows what more I could’ve forgotten? With all this said and done, I hope you all have a wonderful day, regardless of whether you message me or not.

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