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  • (MxF) The Homunculus Purpose



    Arcane arts, alchemy, construct

    A fully or partially developed humanoid created and nurtured through alchemy and/or rituals.
    Sometimes a human grown, gestated and altered through alchemy can fall into this category.
    Do not mistake them with automatons, golems, undead, familiars or bound creatures.

    Encyclopedia Arcanae Maxima Vol XIII

    Despite not being fully conscious, you remember fragments of your time inside the gestation vat, submerged in a dark almost opaque alchemical substance that worked both as your only source of nourishment and the direct cause of your unnatural growth. Only leaving it when your master felt he needed to do some direct adjustments or decided that the wait was too long. 
    One day you wake up feeling the liquid drain and your body drop to the vat's bottom, fully naked and barely able to remain seated you slowly start getting your lungs to work, your eyes to adjust and your mind to run at a normal speed, and your first thought as you looked at that man standing infront of the bath with a proud yet evil smile is that your purpose in this life is to serve... Would you follow through? Would you be a devout loyal creation or rebel against this your main reason to exist? Will you be that what you asked you to be at first only to slowly open your eyes to the truth of your half life?

    I'm looking for a master x slave / master x pet / teacher x student / father x daughter or similar situation between our two main characters, we  could have more side characters like failed attempts or new students and other alchemists / wizards.

    Alternatively, we could play some situation involving  other similar creatures like the mentioned above (or use them as side characters) or other fantasy creatures (the most varied the better)



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