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  • [MxF] The Siren Song of Sword & Sorcery

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    The grit of a dusty road leading to lost ruins... The smoke of an overcrowded city full of crime, opulence and destitution... A bandit king raiding a village to capture its most beautiful maiden... A daring thief sneaking into the tower of a noble woman to steal her jewelry or her heart...

    I'm looking for a female roleplaying partner interested in playing out an erotic adventure in a setting of Sword & Sorcery. If you're not familiar with the genre, think Conan the Barbarian or Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. It's pulpy fantasy with lower magic than the usual, more grit and plenty of adventure.

    If you're a fan of the genre and have an idea for a scenario you think will fit, feel free to reach out and propose it, otherwise below are some scenario seeds.

    The Bandit King

    He was never meant to rule, but now the leader of a bandit band has found himself in possession of a city or small province or kingdom. Gruff and uncivilized, the Bandit King might have to contend with a local noblewoman being offered as his local bride or who seeks to ingratiate herself into his favor. Or perhaps he can't shake his low past and takes up with a tavern wench or two despite being in a much higher position.

    Noblewoman and Thief

    A sticky fingered bandit climbs into a noble's tower to steal the treasure within but his eye is caught by the noble lady of the house or perhaps she catches him in the act. Alternatively, the woman could be a maid who demands the thief take her with him to avoid being blamed for the theft.

    Ruffian in the Tavern

    This one starts with a sell-sword in a tavern attempting to relax when a particularly pretty tavern wench catches his eye or perhaps he catches hers? Other options could be a noblewoman in trouble and attempting to be incognito hiring him as a bodyguard or a young pickpocket getting caught when she attempts to steal from him.

    Temple Sacrifice

    A foul cult dedicated to a dark god has captured a virgin, or perhaps just someone the cult thinks is a virgin or someone destined in their eyes to be a sacrifice or an enemy they seek to dispose of. In any case, before the sacrificial knife plunges into her chest or she's thrown into the pit of some horrific beast, the ceremony is interrupted by a treasure seeking adventurer who frees her as he claims the jeweled chalice.


    These are merely starting points though, who knows where the adventure will lead from there. Also, feel free to suggest alternatives or changes if you find the idea of a Sword & Sorcery scenario intriguing but none of the above fit just the way you want.

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