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    I've been thinking about doing this rp for abit. It'll be based around the manga, My Wife is a Man. In case you haven't read it, there are two main characters, Kou (Husband) and Yuki (Wife)


    Yuki has pink hair and blue eyes, is relatively short and is a boy despite his looks.spacer.png

    In this story, Yuki will be confronted and hit on by several men in a shopping mall, while Kou is in the toilet. The men, one way or another, will drag Yuki along with them and leave, leaving Kou confused. A little while later, they can find Kou's contact on Yuki's phone and decide to send him some photos of Yuki having sex with them etc. which is where the ntr element is.

    **few headers**

    1. You'll need to play 2 characters, the men and Kou. And i'd prefer it if there was more than one man involved(gangbang).

    2. Yuki is a boy.

    3. I appreciate decent english, not to be rude or anything, sorry.

    4. You can change the story however you want, as long as the main outcome doesn't change.

    And that's all, leave me an ecchitext if you wanna do this with me, thank you! Also you can check out the manga here if you wanna read it, it's a really nice story.



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