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  • Happy Holidays Y’all!! I’m putting away all the stuffiness in the Hive and replacing it with the spirit of the season!!!

    And so it all must go!!! 🫨🤯🥳

    Things that are staying :

    -I’m still open to all genders, whether that's the role player or the character(s) you wish to play as.
    -I’m also open to playing any myriad of gender combinations romantically, sexually, intellectually and beyond.
    -All my ideas are just jumping off points for us to work off of.
    -I like the dom/sub, in particular master/pet dynamic so there will be a lot of kemonomimis

    Anyway without further ado,

    Welcome to Nectar's Hive:

    Holiday Revamp🎄✨

    Holiday Specials🎄✨

    Holiday is flexible but basically these ideas are hallmark movies. But if hallmark movies had kink. And taboo. And kemonomimis!

    🐶Early Christmas🎁

    Lately you don’t have time for anything except work. It’s gotten so bad that your partner up and left you. And during the holidays at that! It’s the end of November and you have the time off just collecting dust. But all your friends are busy. Dating apps don’t work and family is out of town. It seems like Christmas will be a cold miserable-what’s that? The doorbell?? You definitely weren’t expecting anyone, what or who could it be?
    Well there’s a big ole box in front of your door and inside is a KEMONOMIMI!!!? Who sent you a kemonomimi? And what the fuck are you supposed to do with them?

    So this idea is holiday hijinks! Your character is a human and mine is the kemonomimi. The kemonomimi can be whatever. There are so many fun possibilities! A snake person who needs to cuddle up right now! A dog person who just wants to do their best for their new Master. A kitten who won’t listen. 
    Also it can be a bit of a mystery depending on how common kemonomimi pets are in this world and who might have sent them. 

    This idea is short form and based in humor and horny.

    Wild Card 🔥: There is a variant of this idea where your character is a werewolf. Still funny horny, this version is a twist on a Christmas miracle. All my character wants for Christmas is a werewolf…but obviously not for sex!!! And Santa comes to town with just that! My character would likely be human in this but I’m open to other kinds of characters. There’s dub con in it as well since my character is not (read is definitely) attracted to werewolves.

    🐴Old Back Holiday🌾

    What do you reckon would convince ya to move on back to your old stomping grounds? Big city livin’s done ya good. Yea, there ain’t no open plains like back on the ranch. No hootanies. But who needs em right?

    Well your ma won’t stop her beggin for ya to at least come down for Thanksgivin. So ya give and come on home. And on this here journey home you run into a myriad of folk. Ya old friend from high school. A cow kemonomimi (say that five time fast!) who went and got all handsome or beautiful. Damned attractive even! A new worker on ya family ranch, a human who’s too good at wrangling in a horse. 
    …Or something a little taboo? Ya cousin you ain’t seen in a while. Your Dad who’s been feeling a little lonesome since thee ole divorce!

    Essentially a home for the holidays rp with a Southern and harem(polyamorous?) twang. Maybe taboo? Accent is optional. So are the potential love interests and how they develop. Mandatory is the going home aspect. 

    This is intended for short form but could go longer or feature spin offs if that’s your fancy. If played without taboo, it’s just a wholesome holiday romp. If played with taboo, it’s horny mischief. 

    Free Love or Drama by Way of Many Lovers

    So this section encompasses ideas where I want to play off more than one love interest. So polycules, love triangles, harems, cheating. If we are playing multiple characters who have a heart for many loves? It’ll be here.

    💖Love Pop Hurricane ⛈️

    It’s your first day at a new office job and you realize your high school crush is there. From your perspective, you assumed after all the hints you dropped that your crush just wasn’t interested. You dated some other people in college, you got over the crush, or so you thought.
    From your crush’s perspective, there was a rumor that you didn’t like people like them and they believed it. And their friend reinforced it. That same friend started at the company a year before you two did.
    Now that you are working for the same company is there a chance for your affections to be rekindled? Will the two faced friend get in the way? Will your meddling sibling? Or perhaps you might find yourself falling for another coworker?

    Anyone remember Peach Girl? No. That’s okay. This rp is like that anime or any other show where communication can solve the problem but instead we are in drama central! 

    The idea is that we both play multiple love interests. The main pair are the high school sweethearts but the others are just as serious contenders. We’ll each play at least two love interests & at most three but they don’t have to be an even ratio. There is a substantial amount of jealousy, maybe possessiveness? Conspiracy!!! But there will be growth and understanding so it does not have to end in disaster. 
    This is a long term idea with the potential for pursuing each dynamic between the love interests. Cheating and incest-adjacent situations are also on the table. 

    Endgame or Drama by Way of Circumstances

    This section is for ideas where there is one, only one, true love interest. There maybe some shenanigans with old lovers but we know who’s meant to be.

    -More to cum💦

    If any of these interest you, EcchiText Meeeeee🎶

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