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    Howdy! I’m a male roleplayer who recently discovered and joined the site following some google searching, but I’ve been roleplaying off and on for years now, so I feel I’ve locked up a fair amount of experience through all of my fumbling around in learning to be a better writer and roleplayer. As such, I consider myself to be a fairly literate player and hope to find others here who happen to share some of my particular kinks and interests when it comes to the world of erotic writing. Also, while I do have a heavy leaning toward playing opposite of more dominant characters when possible, I do consider myself to be a switch and can play dominant for the right scenario.


    There are a ton of things which I’m into, but right now I’d like to focus upon finding partners for ageplay related games, with other big interests being to find people who are into playing a GM for characters of mine and/or anyone interested in any type of femdom play with my character being a submissive male or futa. There are also several fandoms which I’m presently in the mood for and shall list below for some quick browsing.


    I’m very open to discussions on each of these and enjoy hearing other people’s ideas or brainstorming stuff together, but here are a few specific cravings I’d like to put out there for consideration. Also, I have no problem with what gender the person I’m writing is, so long as you’re willing and able to write female/futanari characters opposite of whatever my character may be.



    On the ageplay prospectives, I’m open to either playing opposite of loli characters who are actually younger or ones who simply look young then they are for whatever reason. A few rough suggestions include the following:


    Babysitting Nightmare - A fairly straightforward craving for seeing a sitter being stuck with a bratty girl who is perhaps used to getting what she wants and isn’t about to make her sitters job an easy one. The sitter can be a family member, friend of the family or simply somebody hired to do the job.


    The Heiress - For most she’s a prim and proper young lady befitting her fine breeding and legacy. But beneath that is another side. Maybe it’s a lurid, perverse side with far more experience in such carnal activities then one might expect? Or maybe it’s simply a curious and naughty side which pokes its nose into things girls like her shouldn’t be poking their nose into? Either way, she’s looking for a means of acting upon that hidden side of her. She may find it in her new guard or some random grunt of her parents employ. Or perhaps she sneaks out to find it among the ‘common’ folk who may or may not know of her lineage? Lots of possibilities and can be done within different eras/settings such as medieval, fantasy, modern and so forth.


    Summoning A Demon/Familiar - This could take place within a typical modern world, where somebody practicing occult summoning actually manages to bring forth a succubus or some other creature of the night. Or alternatively, it could take place within a magic school, where most of the students have managed to summon rather impressive looking creatures as their familiars or companions, while mine ends up with a seemingly unimpressive little monster girl.


    Monsters Groom - Likely set within a medieval fantasy world setting, but very flexible on finding ways to make it work within modern or other types of worlds. This would involve my character finding himself engaged to a non-human female. It could be that he’s a Prince and it’s an arranged marriage or perhaps he’s a traveler who unintentionally committed an act which seals him to a pact with an unexpected creature for spiritual or traditional reasons. Either way, it’s a fairly safe guess she’s probably not exactly the type of bride he had in mind when it came to settling down.


    Monster Adventuring - A more straightforward roleplay scenario with an adventurer traveling the world and encountering a monster girl or two along the way is also always welcomed. They could start off as adversaries or maybe meeting up when one helps the other out. Or they could have been traveling together prior to the start of the journey, with them being party members or perhaps my guy having to escort an important figure or two to a new far off destination Very open to brainstorming different possible approaches for this type of game.


    Exorcist - Very open to differing variations in this, depending on setting and types of characters, but basic idea would be for a roleplay based around exorcist of some sort (could be an expert or perhaps a novice or even a fraud who ends up making his first actual supernatural encounter) who ends up having more trouble then expected with a rather unassuming looking demon or oni girl. This could result in him either spending a lot more time then expected within the place the girl is inhabiting or perhaps finding himself being haunted/followed by her as a result of his meddling. Either way, he’s not getting rid of her as easy as he may have thought.



    Now for a few rough femdom related ideas which may not (though I’m open to trying) typically gel with the ageplay theme:


    The Feminist - She’s a young modern forward thinking feminist who is unfortunately stuck having to deal with an older sexist pig with a lot of caveman ideas of a woman’s place. She’s had to put up with his crap for months now, if not longer, but finally the opportunity arises to treat him like the dog that he is. Maybe she finds some juicy blackmail material on him? Or perhaps she simply has enough and shows a level of assertiveness which makes him fold like a stack of cards in her wake? Either way, she has a lot of pent of frustration to get off her chest by now. Can be set within a school setting with a student and teacher or a workplace setting with employee and boss or manager, but open to other suggestions there.


    Officer and a Hood - Fuck the police’ taken to its literal sense, with either a female cop taking a special interest toward a troublemaker walking the streets or some female ‘lowlife’ managing to turn the tables on one of the boys in blue who messes with the wrong woman. Very flexible on the type of person the non-police officer character can be.


    Bully - This can take place either during school years or even sometime after graduation with the two of them working together in the same office building or whatever. Basically would involve a female school bully (maybe a tomboyish type or someone within the more popular social cliques, for example) who takes their bullying to a more perverse place when it comes to their treatment of a certain male classmate or former classmate turned coworker.


    Revenge of the Nerd - Similar to the above, only with the female geek finally having enough of her current or former bully and decides on turning the tables. Maybe she finds some juicy blackmail or perhaps he’s a bit of a paper tiger when she does confront him? Either way, she has a lot of pent up annoyance towards him and she’s rather eager to let it out through various means now that she has him where she wants him.


    Prison Warden - A very hentai inspired type of scenario, which would essentially focus around a female warden who has a rather unique way of dealing out punishment and discipline to certain inmates. Or perhaps she has to dish out such methods with some of her guards, especially if one of them has a criminal record of his own as part of his past and she’s not quite willing to let him forget it.


    Time Travel - Okay, this is a weird one, even compared to some of the ideas above. Basic idea is with a time traveler (could be a man of science or perhaps a lab worker/volunteer/etc) traveling to another era and ending up in a submissive relationship with a woman of that time. This could be something of a massive time jump, with him either ending up with a dominant cavewoman or within a future where women rule over males. Or it could be something of a smaller jump, such as going back to find out that a friend’s older relative (or even one of his own relative) was a rather kinky girl back in her youth.



    Lastly, some fandom series which I’m craving and a listing of characters I’m hoping to write opposite of, while the character I’d play is very open to discusson.


    Avatar The Last Airbender - Azula, Toph, Ty Lee, Jin, Mai

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom

    Little Witch Academia - Sucy Manbavaron

    Miss Kobayashi‘s Dragon Maid - Kanna, Lucoa,

    Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurecheff

    Naruto -Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata

    Boruto -Sarada, Hinata

    One Piece - Nami, Nico Robin, Tashiigi, Carrot, Shirahoshi, Reiju

    Persona 5 - Caroline & Justine, Futaba

    Splatoon - Callie, Marie, Marina, Pearl

    Pokemon - Hilda, Roxie, Elesa, Flannery, Cynthia, Bianca, Serena, Shauna, Korrina, Magma Admin Courtney, Marnie, Sonia, Nessa, Misty

    Futa Club - Mao Asakura


    There you have it for now. If any of these appeal to you or if you’re open to simply brainstorming up something along the above lines together, then feel free to send a message my way so we can see what we may come up with together.

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