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  • Non-consensual roleplay anyone?


    Hey everyone, I am looking for some interesting rape ideas. I would love to hear what you have. ^w^ I have a few ideas of my own below if you want to see them. Other than that, I'm extremely open as long as my character is getting raped and such. 

    Cyber ideas-


    Idea 1:


    Kinks included: Slime, beastiality, virgins, monsters, insect people, impregnation, egg-laying, tentacles, cum inflation


    Everything had been normal at the hospital that day, people were leaving and coming into the hospital, patients were constantly coming in. As time passed though, there was a loud boom in the distance of the city and it seemed as though everything went silent for a few minutes. Smoke spreaded over the city from the large explosion that seemed to be coming from a building on the outskirts of town. Secretly though, it was a laboratory and it was currently in flames. Something had happened and it is unknown what has escaped, but the smoke settled in over the city engulfing it and making it a fog more so.


    People were coming in from outside frightened and taking refuge in the hospital, everything was fine for an hour before screams could be heard. Some people come in from the fog and say to lock the hospital down! Creatures were exploring the city.


    Now a group consisting of hospital employees and citizens of the city were inside of the locked down hospital and were listening to the screams outside. The city was being overrun by slime monsters and insects which use to be human. The smoke/fog from outside doing something to the men of the city and now the creatures are looking to breed.


    Can this fog be stopped and can the citizens of the city escape this monsterly fog.


    Idea 2:


    Kinks Included: Werewolves, tentacles, vore, impregnation, cum inflation and other things.


    My character and you have been best friends for a while and we lived together in a village surrounded by a forest that was rumored to be infested with a wide variety of creatures. My character is skeptical about it while your character believed it, one night they go out to the forest edge. My character was a bit frightened by this aspect and when your character accidentally hit my character too hard on the back she stumble’s forward into the forest. Suddenly everything goes silent and  my character realizes that there is a barrier around the forest and right now she was stuck here with a variety of monsters. She tries to escape but there is no way out of the forest the way she came in. Now she’d need to find another exit.


    Idea 3:


    Zombie rape Idea: Left 4 Dead or The Walking Dead or Resident evil.


    Kinks Included: Large cocks, tentacles, cum inflation, virgins, zombie sex, maybe zombie impregnation, blood, weapon play (weapons being used as sex toys, knives, guns etc), oral sex, fellatio


    A sudden zombie outbreak happens and though the zombies did eat people, they mostly fucked every woman they saw. They killed most of the men around causing their numbers to increase and the women to fight for themselves. The zombies are of different sizes, some are very large and have large cocks, while others have tentacles attached to them, but some have extremely long tongues. There are many different varieties. Now they are out to rape all the women, can the uninfected people stop this outbreak before it consumes the world?


    Idea 4:

    Kinks Included: Aliens, Space, Virgin, Cum inflation, Tentacles, Eggs and other kinks that I haven't thought of yet. XD


    Humans were exploring space and a space station was heading to colonize another star system, my character is an android who is taking care of the ship while the colonists and such are in hibernation. Of course my character isn't the only android but she is the main character. While they are on the way to the new star system the ship is attacked by various aliens and my characters tries to fight them but unfortunately, she ends up getting raped over and over by many different types of aliens. I thought it would be a fun and interesting idea, it could have many different kinks in it I believe.

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    Oof some good ideas I like the idea 1,2,3 and well 4 xD I can bring pretty much to number 2 but otherwise im up for any of it :3 

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