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  • ' place of work ' and other sorts of places RP

    For the title I just went with the name of the kink on the site's list --- I actually would prefer not a place of work per-say, just somewhere where there could possibly be population.

    I'm not in a very big plot/story mood, so I decided to go back to an older set of roots and pitch this idea up. While I am not in a big plotting mood, I'll still need some sort of build up. It doesn't have to be a lot, just something to get the scene going. Potential for later scenes preferable as I am not a big fan of just continuous sex over and over - new locations and time-skips to change things up and make things more interesting for me while still being able to write something that doesn't take too much energy or thought.

    I'm wanting to use my main OC for this RP, since I feel like she's the best fit for the city/slice-of-life styled universe I want to RP in. Her info is in that post, the kinks and stuff at the bottom.

    Preferred locations would be:
    School ; can be in the closet, under the bleachers, in a classroom after school, bathroom stall, etc.
    Beach ; Can be in an area somewhat away from the bigger crowds where they won't be easily disturbed, in the water, by some rocks, etc.
    Pool ; After-hours preferred, can be in the hot tub or just the pool

    I am NOT wanting this to be necessarily an RP where they get caught ; I just don't want to do the general lewd in the bedroom scene, it would be interesting to have it be somewhere else. While I am not seeking anything beyond this, I am willing to listen to ideas if anyone has other ones to suggest. I am more interested in hearing the character types ( teacher x student, for example ) or other locations as opposed to any actual plotlines that involve this kink. I'd like the characters to preferably be around the same age if possible, but am willing to negotiate.

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