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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent


    When things get difficult in my personal life, I WILL go inactive. It can be for days or weeks ( usually weeks ), but HAS gone on for months ( longest streak was 8 months ). I will NOT tolerate backlash for this, as the reasons for it are always family, work, or just REAL LIFE related. I do my best to be incredibly communicative about when I  may be leaving or not replying to RPs to my partners, but if I have to let EVERY partner of mine know, I make a post explaining what's going on. 



    I don't like having a huge thing here so I deleted it. 

    now, in 2023, I’m rewriting it. 


    I’ll keep it short and brief. I have several female characters who are developed with stories of their own for the sake of sex rp. Certain girls go better with different plot ideas. Typically speaking, I prefer to write only lewd RP on here and don't really seek out SFW RPs here - however, there MAY be instances where I do, and in those instances I do not want any sexual content forced into the RP unless we discuss it OOC. 

    the kinks that are in the yellow text area is all situational:

    •  drugged: I don’t mind doing an rp where a completely clean girl gets into a bad part of town and does drugs out of pressure, with a side effect of being sensitive and horny. However the drug must be made up and not a real life drug. 
    •  incest: I prefer step siblings but it depends on the plot. I will NOT do father or mothers with their children, and steer very far away from uncles and aunts. Siblings or cousins preferred. 
    • romance: I don’t like mixing romance and sex all the time so usually I’m not interested. I won’t control your character though and if they develop feelings for mine, it’s fine. Mine MIGHT develop them as well, but it’s not likely to happen. 
    • first time: I don’t like writing out the bleeding for women during their first time. It makes me uncomfortable. So I never specify that it’s the girls first time under any circumstances. However it can be easily implied depending on the plot. 
    • gang bang: iffy on this. I used to like writing it a lot a few years ago but I’ve since been less interested in it. Too many guys overwhelms me which makes rp not fun. 
    •  outfits ( gym, swimsuits, etc ) : I’m fine with these but not by request. What I mean is, is I like scenes in which clothes don’t need to be removed and in various places.  my characters may end up wearing outfits similar to that of the ones above. 


    Though I perhaps don't need to explain this to anyone, I feel the need to share the reasons for SOME of my Don't for kinks. Over the years on here and elsewhere, people have complained about my limitations in sexual RPs and I want to clear up the air a bit.

    Before I joined this site a person commented that RPing with me ( ERP ) was like 'walking on a landmine' because one day I was okay with something and the next I wasn't. This has been a feeling occurring for my entire ERP experience. There will be a time where I am okay with something, and then suddenly I find it revolting. I don't judge others for including it, but I will feel uncomfortable re-reading the RPs, and furthermore won't enjoy what I've written. Other topics involved may be a little too close for personal comfort. RP is meant to be an escapism and fun. I don't need topics hitting too close for personal comfort to be included, so I don't like writing them. Below I will go over the ones I want to clarify, as some more recent RP partners have commented on confusion with my limitations due to certain plots I have written. 

    • Anal / Ass-related : Personally I just don't enjoy this kind of content. I used to be okay with anal but not too interested in it, but around 2020, someone disrespected my discomfort with anal and when I brought it up, they treated it like a joke - excusing their behavior because it was "adult humor". They knew my discomfort with anal before this joke was made, so they knew it was an unwarranted joke and knew not to do it. Since then I have taken a major disinterest in anal, and don't write it in any form. I know not everyone will treat me badly for that, but it still makes me uncomfortable, and the plans or sudden force of anal reminds me of this uncomfortable situation, which teeters me away from writing nsfw rp. And even when I was okay with it, it was purely penetration, nothing like tongues or fingers, instantly excluding ass-to-mouth or anything of the sort. 
    • Humiliation : If my character naturally feels ashamed or humiliated through the result in why she's having sex in the first place, it is fine - it was natural build up with natural response on my end. It was not a forced feeling, simply the feeling that she would end up having. What I do not tolerate is the person I'm writing with going out of their way to humiliate my character. This hits a bit too close to home ( for non-sexual reasons ) and it makes me uncomfortable being forced to write a situation that brings me real life discomfort. I bring all this up because I have some plotlines that suggest bad ends, public sex, and other potentially humiliating scenarios - I do not mind bad ends, as long as the intent of humiliation is not the main focus and I am able to freely write out how my character is feeling.  
    • Pregnancy / impregnation : I don't like doing this content at all. If my characters get pregnant, they no longer want to have sex, and I mainly write here for the sexual RPs. I will not allow my characters to get pregnant regardless if the male character or other being cums inside her. If you're seeking someone who will go by the laws of real life, I am definitely not the person you're looking to write with. For me, cumming inside =/= impregnation. For me, the act of getting the girl pregnant enforces a romance story, even if that's not what is meant to be intended - and I simply don't want that happening in my RPs. My characters often are lucid enough in RPs to ask or expect the other character to wear a condom or to pull out of her pussy before cumming. If that is not respected in the rp that's fine, but do not get mad at me when my character has no consequence of yours' actions. 
    • Mind-Control / hypnosis : I do not like RPs where I am not in control of my character's feelings and actions. If she is under the control of another who gives orders, I will not be enjoying the RP. For me, my characters react naturally through how I feel is best fit for their personalities. By doing things such as mind control or hypnosis, this takes away that entirely. My girls can become mindless and reliant on sex, but that is my choice lead by the situations in the RPs, and often they will return to normal or at least semi-normal by the next scene. I do not make them sex slaves who are obedient for their master.
    • Yaoi/Yuri : It is incredibly rare for me to do a futa RP but I am open to them. I say no to Yaoi because I don't write male characters for sex, only females. Any male character I write is strictly a background character or a supporting character of my OC's story. As for Yuri, I just don't care for lesbian sex. I've tried writing it before and didn't find it fun for me to write. Since I am ASEXUAL and writing ERP is about the entertainment it brings more than a sex drive, I have to be interested in the content. As mentioned earlier, I have done futa RPs and don't necessarily mind them, I've just done MxF more than FUxF
    • Everything else : The things not mentioned in the bullets above I just don't have any interest in writing. They are either unappealing to me or I don't know enough about them to feel comfortable or safe writing them. I do not ever want to make people feel like they're "walking through a landmine" with me, and by not really knowing or feeling interested in those topics, it will for sure trigger that landmine feeling. I'm not often comfortable telling people how they make me uncomfortable ( if they do ), so it's better to not include these topics if it can be avoided. 


    In instances where I do want to write SFW RPs with people here, they will always be fandom-based, possibly crossover based ( think: Smash Brothers crossover )

    Characters and fandoms I like to write as in SFW settings are:

    • Fandom OCs ( splatoon, persona, etc. )
    • Super Smash Bros ( I typically write as the female characters, Joker, and some others )
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Super Mario Bros
    • Persona 5 ( Royal )
    • Crossovers
    • Undertale

    in Crossovers, I have written characters from the following fandoms ( but don't like to write in these fandom's worlds )

    • Doki Doki Literature Club ( in my crossovers, Sayori Natsuki and Yuri are real girls whilst Monika is a sentient dating sim girl ; with the help of Pneuma ( xenoblade 2 ), she was able to become a semi-real girl, able to live in the real world and form real relationships. )

    more is to be written here at a later date. I don't really like writing canon characters lewd so please don't ask.

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Great Role Player! Makes detailed and consistent posts with a great sense of character and excellent grammar. Super kind and intelligent OOC and easy to talk to about plot developments and character motivation as well as none scenario related subjects. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for excellent role play.

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    A fun and responsive partner.

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