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  • Princesses, Queens, Priestesses... pick your poison ;3

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    I am gonna keep things short, as I am looking for specific craving/setup.

    I want to play a Princess, Queen or Priestess - or some other female character from medieval era - that gets taken advantage of by whoever around her. Her Father, her Advisor, her Guard... maybe even she gets kidnapped? Priestess could be involved with someone at the temple, or even a God himself... Details can be discussed.

    I am looking for something dark, non-con and intense (and, well, painful for MC). YC can be male or a futa, or well identify however they want but I'd like for them to have male genitalia.

    One thing I crave related to this are "lewd rituals", curses, etc. Situations where servants have to "prepare" MC, but it's an elaborate foreplay in reality. Curses, as in MC is cursed and has to indulge in sexual acts to remove the curse. Or, she is destined to be "sacrificed" and said sacrifice is more lewd than anything else. Honestly, I have a bunch of ideas, and it's hard to describe them all.

    I know this is vague and all over the place, but I do like brainstorm things and thought I'll just throw my cravings I had recently here, in hopes someone would want to indulge in them with me. My main thread is structured better, if you're interested.

    Oh, and btw. I could be M/Futa for any ladies that would be interested!

    Anyways, I leave you with a picture of a lovely Princess that awaits to be ruined.



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