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    Maria was a model student. Good grades, cheerleader squad captain, kind and beautiful, and was never put into detention, under suspension, and was favoured by all the teachers.


    However, the change between her 5th and 6th year appearance was unbelievable. Maria was usually a thin, reserved girl with long brown hair. Upon entering her 6th year, that was deemed quite innacurate.


    Now, she was a girl with short, bright pink hair, a curvy, voluptuous body, and an outfit that left little to the imagination~.


    And unlike before, she was not well-behaved. She was caught skipping class almost every period, smoking pot, and carrying very erotic items~.

    Furthermore, rumours have spread she was participating in very promiscuous acts with both teachers and students. Seeing no other alternatives, the Principal, who adored Maria the most, called her up to their office to speak some sense to her.


    (We can discuss any other details in chat!☺ Message me your character for the principal~)

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