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    So recently, I’ve been craving a nice romantic school slice of life story. I was thinking that this could either take place in high school or even college.

    The basic premise is that MC and YC run into each other and over time they become friends and then eventually develop feeling for each other. You know the typical kind of story you would see.

    As for this RP, there could be multiple scenarios such as:

    •MC could be the new girl at school.

    •YC could be like a bad boy/girl, the typical opposites attract kind of story.

    •MC or YC or maybe both could be suffering from a mental disorder and find comfort in the other.

    •We could be best friends who have known each other since we were little.

    •We could be friends who drifted apart but soon rekindle our friendship one day.

    •We could be ex’s who had a bad break out a long time ago but recently start to fall for each other again. 

    Ok, as for RP details, I would expect this to be a long RP with lots of ups and downs and a decent amount of build up leading to the two becoming friends and subsequently lovers. I am EXTREMELY sub and enjoy being dominated. As for the different scenarios, they are interchangeable and we can mix multiple ones if you want. As for partners, I’m open to any. This could be a malexfemale, femalexfemale, femalexfuta, trapxmale, trapxfuta, trapxtrap. I will play female in this and if you wanted me to, I could play as a trap as well. Anyways, thanks for reading, comment here if your interested, I would love to discuss more with you if your interested. Bye✌️

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