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    Alright so now that I am out of roleplays, I feel like trying this forum might be for the best. Hopefully, I can find a partner for roleplay that I can synergize with. I need something different than the usual forced plot ideas and I prefer to work something together with my partner over having a premade plot to follow to the letter.

    First thing first, I'd like to precise that I'm not looking for anything 100% sexual. I like the idea of adventures with playful and/or romantic things happening as characters develop themselves in the world with others around them. There can be playful and/or naughty characters or many other personalities. I'd like to be in a world setting that is a little like JRPGs. Final Fantasy inspired, Secret/Legend of Mana, Star Ocean and many others, you see the kind. It doesn't have to be roleplaying these games or the characters in them but just be a similar fantasy/magic setting. I'd like to live some story together with someone where we live something memorable with a party of characters.

    If I were to speak about myself, I usually like to use furry characters but I also have humans, too. Most of my characters are adult females but I also like to use loli since they are cute and makes for very interesting characters to develop in a fantasy setting. They do not have to be involved in sexual matters if you don't like it. I also prefer yuri relationships usually but futanari (female, no balls) can also be just fine if we must. I have other odd relationships I don't mind doing. (Considering I've had a female furry fox with a male wolf beast in a past story.) This is a matter we can always discuss, of course. I recommend that you check my sheet but it might not be updated, sorry... x.x

    I am not sure what else to add... I've had many stories in my life so I carry a bag of different characters with me, all with their long adventures behind them. I have decades of experience but I'm always learning new things still by meeting with new people. If you need help with anything, do not be afraid to ask. I also do not mind if you are new or old roleplayers. I don't force any amount of paragraphs on anyone as long as you're capable of responding to the posts and develop your own characters as well. I'm a little tired right now so I hope that all of that actually made sense. If you have any question, feel free to ecchitext me and I'll be happy to answer as soon as I can. Have a nice day.

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    On 17/11/2021 at 16:39, AghenX said:

    Seraphina your idea is interesting i am reading your sheet 

    Feel free to say if there's any idea you have. I am still looking for some partners. Also feel free to send me an ecchitext if you want to talk. It would more preferable. I am open to ideas of SFW and NSFW natures. Anything can be discussed and it's okay if it doesn't work. If anyone feels like trying something, please let me know. 😃

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