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  • Seeking F for fantasy, monster based RP - details inside

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    Hello there (general Ken- wait, wrong forum)! I'm seeking a female partner for a fantasy based RP in which they play a singular or multiple women (ideal) alongside a minotaur brute.


    While not set in stone, I do indulge in an idea akin to this from time to time.


    A monstrous brute is captured inside the newly expanded boundaries of a nearby kingdom that has encroached on his territory. He's clamped in iron. dragged from the woods, and brought forward into a cell. Expecting to be executed, the beast is suddenly visited by... You. The queen? Princess? Court mage? Master of spies? Somebody powerful. In a position in which they COULD demand his head be detached from its body. But things change. Upon seeing that frame, what the loincloth barely hides, how that scent tickles the very nerves in her mind, she decides against it. Flirty, eager, she invites him to live. A stay of execution in return for his services. A bodyguard? Manual labor? Whatever she wishes. He accepts, for this is better than death. However, things get... difficult. She flirts. Teases. Wears outfits unbefitting for a woman of her station, and yet seems to invite him to do something about it. Grab. Take. Break. The threads begin to strain, eventually snapping. She's put to the floor and rutted by a beast until such a time as he passes out.


    The RP can extend from here in a multitude of directions. Willing to play a harem? Lets head that road. Eager for more one on one? How sneaky can a queen and bull be when fucking? Politics? Wars? Worldbuilding?


    The world is our oyster.


    Please, either post here or just message me outright, I can't wait to hear from you!



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