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    Stand tall. You are the face of prosperity, strength, perseverance, and pure will. You are a hero. Not just a role model, but an actual super hero. The only known one of your kind. You are quick, you are strong, and you are powerful. 

    As any hero rises, so do her enemies. And boy are they a colorful cast of characters. Like you they have their own special abilities. (Depending on you criteria/preferences) they will use these abilities against you, to defeat you. 

    Are you ready to take the mantle? Tell the world who you are! Be a hero!


    Well after all that spiel is done. We will need to build your character. From looks, to powers, to weaknesses and beyond. From there we will build your enemies. They will be based around your preferences and use their abilites to cripple your character. And they may even use them to corrupt you and possibly enslave, but that is entirely up to you. The idea I have is to go at it episodically. Possibly a different villian each prompt that can be defeated until a team can be formed and together they take you down and that creates another story line...

    What are your thoughts? Are you interested?

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