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  • Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk! (M seeking F)

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    "Congratulations on the new house! Nothing like owning your dream...fixer upper home! Oh you're gonna love it, a big backyard that just needs some TLC, anyone can patch a hole in the roof, and just look at how well the drainage system works in the basement. Barely any water down there at all! Okay so the new home was a shit hole, but it was dirt cheap since the last owner mysteriously vanished. Some say he was a weird guy, a supposed scientist who was always tinkering with things. He had some wild claims that he could train insects to handle all sorts of jobs, but he also kept to himself so no one seemed to care. At least until one day when an explosion rocked the entire neighborhood, how his house was still standing was the real mystery, but ever since then no one had seen hide nor hair of the mad scientist. Of course not long after weird things began to happen, small items going missing from around the neighborhood, animals acting weird, women getting the strangest feeling they were being watched even while alone, but it was probably nothing right? After all the explosion probably just rattled folks a bit, things will go back to normal right?"


    Okay so the idea behind this one if your character is the new owner of a dilapidated home that she plans to remodel and either live in herself or flip for big profits. The problem is, the old owner is still around and doesn't plan to go without a fight! He's found a way to alter his size at will and isn't afraid to use it! How knows what shenanigans may occur! 

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