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  • Sisters revenge. M for F.

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    You were planning your revenge as you listened to your sister through your wall, her boyfriend getting rough with her and her pleasured moans and gasps went through your shared wall like cardboard. She knew you could hear her and it seemed to bring her pleasure, this being far from the first time she had kept you up at night. This wasn't the reason for your revenge though, no, it had happened earlier that month when you brought a boy home, someone you had been crushing on and worked up the confidence to hang out with. It had only taken a minute, you going to the kitchen to get drinks, before your sister had come down and convinced the poor boy to come up to her room. It took a half hour before the boy staggered downstairs, giving you one guilty look before he left your house. Now you worked through plans to get your revenge, your sleep addled mind fueled by the squealing of your sister, to take her long time boyfriend for your own.

    Hey, this can go a couple ways. First, you've been trying to stir up his interest in you, flashing your chest at him, wearing skimpy clothes, often going without panties just to see that it was all working. Finally the day came when you could put your plan into action. He finished restoring an old car, something he was quite proud of and your sister cared little for. You feigned interest just to be alone with him on a drive. This can end up consensual or dub-con as you panic and try to stop it just before he starts.

    Second, you come clean to him. You admit you're trying to hook up with him for revenge and tell him about what she did. This not being her first time cheating on him he reluctantly agrees to go along with your plan but he makes it clear that he's only going to use you for what he wants, and however he wants. If you enjoy pain and abuse you an also come to him with the idea of taking all his pent up aggression out on you, letting him hurt and abuse you as a way for you both to get back at your sister.

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