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    Hello ED! I have some new RP ideas that I'd love to try out. I have made some new OCs since my previous post and would love the chance to RP as them with the plots I've outlined for them. 

    1. Mira is the princess of the king of the sea. There has been a big war between the mer-people and some of the sentient sea creatures and sea-creature like beings. One day while Mira is out exploring the oceans, an octopus-like creature whose people have been against the king's see her, and he decides to take her captive and have his way with her. After all, he has eight tentacles to use...
    2. Mira, Princess of the sea, has been caught by fishermen assumed to be fish. When they find they've caught a mermaid - the first woman they've seen in a loooong while - they decide to have some fun with her before deciding what they'll do to her. 
    3. Alice has been seeing demons since she was ten. It's her 18th birthday now, and the demons have fully revealed themselves to her. One demon in particular decides that he's to have his way with her, whether she likes it or not. 
    4. Crystal is a college student and top model at the agency. She's often used for sexy sports wear and promotional images for her college as top cheerleader. Many men want to have some fun with her, all of which she's willing to comply to if it means feeling the lust-driven desire of being wanted.
    5. You heard a crash outside your house one early morning to see what happened. There, you find a destroyed ship of some sort, and inside the ship is a human-like woman... with cat ears? She isn't from this world though, so her understanding of humans and mannerisms is a bit... different. While maybe you won't take advantage of her, but others will.

    These plots all more or less require multiple male characters -- I am more than willing to play a large majority of other characters, but I only plan to write one girl having sex with the man(s) involved. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, so I won't force it upon anyone of course. Just if anyone's interested, hit me up in an Ecchi text.We can discuss more and make a fuller plot there.


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    Hullo! I am on the hunt for a religious corruption type scenario, and your 'seeing demons' scenario might fit the bill. I'd be happy to discuss the particulars so that we can create something that works for us both! 🙂 Feel free to check out my preferences and see if we might be a good fit!

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    #4 would be my favorite. She's known around town, and responds to men of all professions who throw themselves at her. She has a voracious sex drive, and - if she feels a guy really wants her -  she'll do it where ever they are - in an alley, back room, car - anywhere. 

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