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  • Starting anew in Moonburg. Looking for a capable male (MxF)

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    Apologies if this will be a bit all over the place, but I am not entirely sure where to start so... Let's get right to it instead, shall we?

    I offer a small scale adventure, which has a lot more focus on story than sex. Monsters? Beasts? Sure. But no demon king, no heroes, not even a minor cult doing something nefarious. Or maybe there are those things, but I don't plan to make our characters involved in any of these. But what I do have is a girl, and a carriage, that are about to head out to move into a town called Moonburg. Said girl is this one:

    I have a little story prepared with Eria as your characters new friend and technically boss/business partner. See, to keep it as spoiler free as possible: Eria is about to move into her first own home. And in her... unique way, she chose a place known to be not really fond of outsiders. Specifically scholars. Combat won't be a focus, but it wouldn't hurt if your character is either already familiar with a weapon, or is willing to learn how to use one.

    Now, how do we make her and your character team up? I am up for other ideas, but here are some ways I cooked up.
    1: Just before her carriage left the city she was currently in, your character snuck into it. Maybe they just wanted to steal something, but couldn't get out due to guards suddenly being around. Maybe they needed a stealthy way out of the city. Whatever the case, Eria would notice him after some time, and without looking his way, talk to him.

    2: Or maybe she had a job offer posted at a tavern. Something about looking for someone with no better plans for the future, but strength to spare. The offer would include a place to live in, a place to sleep at, and food if they were willing to work for it. Maybe your character is someone whose adventuring career didn't turn out as rosy as he thought it would be, or a guard, maybe even knight, who for one or another reason can not attend to his duties anymore and has no other real alternative.

    3: Free space. By all means, make your own suggestions here.


    And... I think that's it. Small adventure, quirky girl, problems that need solving, and a lack of manpower. Anyone interested? If so, it would be great if you could send me a PM, but I won't ignore posts here. But please do me the favor and read my preferences. Yes, it's more than usual, but it's a required read to check if my interests are compatible with yours. Thanks for understanding.

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    Hello I wanted to first, apologize for messaging first as I just realized it said to comment first. I am new here and apologize. However I would be very interested if you would like to RP maybe?

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    No worries. I have no preference, but I changed this specific preference for this post just in case, to prevent further mixed messaging. I'll look forward to plot things out with you~

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