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  • The Corruption of Canon

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    So I’ll just say this outright and up front: this is basically just a cliche power fantasy and just really mostly 90% smut. Just know what you’re getting into.

    So basic premise is just taking a show and just taking the characters in canon and fucking them senseless. So for example my character (I prefer playing the male) would just go around said world and really fucking the girls there not caring about anything and breaking them. Sort of a more instant loss thing.

    Example using Fairy Tail (and this is a quick sample thing and not a showing of how I roleplay.):

    Lucy: sorry I’m about to head on a quest with my friend. 

    *5 minutes later*

    Lucy: moaning and being fucked via a mating press while forgetting the quest.



    The other way could be with the characters already corrupt and doing interviews with some type of publication on say their daily lives, but of course it would be this twisted thing compared to the original.


    For canon universes I know quite a bit so feel free to ask what I might know. Although some I wouldn’t mind looking up and starting if it’s worth it. So don’t just compare what I have on my list because that has yet to be fully updated.


    if you find yourself interested please let me know if not, have a good day.


    Updated 8/9/21

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