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  • This is based on an older RP I had done on Yahoo Groups.  In this case I won't be directly copying the story/characters, with the semi-exception of the main character, but reusing the setting and some concepts from it.

    The world is Vanoria, a world of fantasy and magic.  It is also a world bound by cycle.  In happy times it is ruled by a woman known as the 'Crimson Empress'.  Each time an empress dies however the world is overrun by demons.  At this point the Sages, companions of the previous empress focus their power to summon champions from Earth.  One of these is a girl who will eventually become the next Crimson Empress and the others, a number of boys/girls (the exact mix varies in each set) become her champions, and many years down the line, the next set of sages.  The bunch summoned from Earth gather a number of magical weapons then go to fight the Demon Emperor and overthrow him for another generation.  In the end the Empress becomes something more than human, semi-angelic in a sense.

    In the original version, that part of the story was played out, in this case, I want to skip ahead, to just after the fighting and the girl becomes the new Crimson Empress.  I will be playing the Empress and maybe some other characters.

    This is a teen girl, now suddenly revered as a heroine and divine ruler over an entire world.  She takes no husband, no man could be considered her equal under the circumstances.  Her children will not inherit the throne.  Though it is assumed she has lovers, both official (her 'Consorts') and unofficial and have one or more children with them, who will live well for her reign.

    The word of the Empress is law, there is no soldier or government official who can overrule her, at best advise her.  That said there would certainly be great competition to gain the trust of the Empress, her ear, and invitation to her bed.  No one would dare conspire against her, would not dare consider it, but the court would be full of struggles to her closest advisor and often lover.  There might be a degree of mutual manipulation in an attempt to influence her rule, or for her to influence her most significant subjects.

    Some possibilities for characters (I am fine mixing MxF and FxF, but MxF is more important and don't want only FxF).

    Her Companion(s) (male and/or female).  These would be among her most trusted, and a Vanorian native would usually have hard time rivaling them.  Very likely she already lost her virginity to one of them, and possibly was involved with more than one.

    Vanorian native who joined group earlier.  In the original story an example of this was a Vanorian girl, a scholar in training, who joined to help the others learn about Vanoria and deal with things like reading Vanorian writing.  She also had a little bit of natural magic.

    One the 'Three Generals' (male or female).  The three generals lead Vanoria's armies during the demon invasions and help hold off the demons while the Empress and her Companions are on their quest.  After the fighting is over, they are mostly responsible for keeping the army in fighting shape for the next time.

    Lanarin (female only):  This was another race I had come up with for the story.  An Amazonian society, as the males are closer to animals, incapable of speech or complex thought and not caring about the females except when they want to mate.  The females are tall, strong, muscular but feminine build, darker skinned.  They have had long term tensions with Vanorians, they are the only people who don't acknowledge the authority of the Crimson Empress.  They have been confined to a small territory, more or less independent, though a few occasionally end up living in Vanorian society and the two peoples reluctantly fight together during the demon invasions.  In the original story one of them was one of the generals and a major character, that may or may not be the case here.

    Palace Guards/Staff (male or female).

    Visiting nobility (male or female).  Vanoria has nobility, wealthier than most people and with some rights/privileges/power/perks the average person does not have.  They are not strong enough to be a risk to the Empress though.  They are completely subordinate to her, while their titles theoretically pass from parent to child, it always requires the Empress' blessing and she can give or revoke noble status on a whim.   These are people who try very hard to stay on her good side, both for their own benefit and to potentially make things more difficult for their rivals.  The nobility partially includes children/decedents of previous empresses.

    Incest is a potential, either using on the Empress' children if we play long enough, or maybe one of the Champions is her sibling.

    Any details on the setting/characters can naturally be discussed before starting.  I'm rather open minded on what ways it goes or the subjects covered and nearly any fetish/kink could potentially be included.

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