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  • The dangers of playing on line.....

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    A young teen loves her laptop, frequenting on line chatrooms.  She finds someone and soon becomes friendly with them.  One night while on chat, her screen goes blank, a gray screen quickly replacing it.  In capitals, the words 'STAND IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN AND DISPLAY YOUR TITS' flashes...

    The girl panics, closing her laptop.  It makes chiming sounds...more words appear, warning her never to close the laptop unless she's told to...turns out the other person is an expert hacker, finds out where the girl lives and goes to her place while she's out, wiring her bedroom.  They make videos of her while she plays with herself, threatening to release the videos unless she cooperates.

    I'm looking for a guy or girl to play the hacker....how far will it go?  torturing her, making her do other more explicit things?  eventually I'd like to see the mysterious hacker order her to come to his/her place where they would kidnap her and make her their sex slave.....

    Warning!  I love including bondage and all sorts of BDSM elements

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