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  • The Depths of Space


    So rough idea that can be changed along the way if someone finds this interesting and we can talk about and workshop it so we both like it. 

    So pretty much this idea  takes place in the far future, where mankind has taken to the stars and has expanded across the milky way. Where colonies have popped up all along asteroids, planets and so forth. But Earth, our true home and still the central power in the solar system. Where they still enforce their wills throughout the system. The inner colonies have all experienced this and have submitted to the Earth and her mighty fleet. Where as, if you start to get further and further from the inner colonies, it becomes more and more lawless and very similar to the gold rush of old. Where people have started to flock to the outer colonies to find a place for themselves to call home. (There is a lot more I have of this world in lore bits but this is just a very to the point summery)

    So pretty much this where a workshop between us could take place. The idea that I have is, a pirate crew attacks a ship and takes some hostages, and either the captain (me) or just a crewmate gets very interested in one of the captives and started to form a relationship of sorts. This could include anything from Stockholm syndrome of sorts. Or an actual romantic relationship. 

    Another way we could go is two different people meet on a space station. One fleeing from their past in the Earth's Spaces Marines and someone from the outer colonies who doesn't have the best view of earth and how they pretty much force everyone to do what they want. 

    Honestly the possibilities for stories are kinda endless with this world. So just thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone would bite. Plus I just kinda want write a space opera with someone so LOL

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