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    "Many years ago there lived a King and Queen who ruled justly over their kingdom. The people prospered and never knew of war, famine or pestilence, they loved their rulers and were loved by them. The only thing the royals lacked was an heir, for no matter what they did they couldn't seem to conceive. They tried everything, potions, remedy's, they even brought in surrogates. But even with other partners, they simply could not conceive an heir. They were heartbroken and desperate to try anything, that was when he approached them.

    The Goblin claimed he was a mighty mage, and that for a price he would help them with their problem. The royals were so desperate they agreed, offering him anything he wanted. He made them a deal, if they conceived a son they would owe him nothing at all, but if they had a daughter she was to be wed to him by sunset on her 18th birthday, or else the kingdom would fall into ruin and damnation. They agreed to his terms, and so the goblin whispered into the Queen's stomach, words so quiet in a tongue so foreign that they couldn't understand it. As for the king...the little green bastard bashed him in the groin so hard with his staff that the ruler thought something had popped. As quickly as he had appeared he vanished, and after a few hours with a bucket of ice between his legs the King laid with his Queen. They were astounded when they awoke the next morning and found the Queen's belly rounded and protruding, the feeling of soft movement awakening her.

    It was a miracle! Oh how the Kingdom celebrated this news, the seers and wisemen all assured the happy couple that they were surely carrying a Prince, and that this boy would bring forth a new era of prosperity greater then any the Kingdom had known before! This proved about as true as their treatments for the couples infertility, because a week after they had conceived the Queen went into labor, delivering a healthy, beautiful baby girl. As excited as they were by this development, they were also horrified, as they knew in 18 short years they would have to part with their beloved Princess, knowing the Goblin had meant what he said, and fearing what he would do if they attempted to back out of the deal.

    So they raised their daughter with the utmost care, showering her with love and affection, while also making sure she knew what laid in store for her. If she was to be married off to the Goblin, they wanted to make sure she was prepared. From the moment she learned to speak they brought in experts in goblin culture, history, and etiquette. She learned the common tongue and goblin speak side by side, they made sure she knew how to behave before court nobles and goblin war parties, and along with singing and weaving lessons she was also taught guerrilla combat and wilderness survival. They even invited goblin dignitaries to join the court so she would have first hand experience with goblin-kind. While they couldn't change the deal, they would make damn sure she was the best wife a goblin could ask for. Their hope being that if she pleased her new husband, he would be less likely to abuse her."


    For this idea I'm looking for someone to play the Princess, for her character I'm looking for someone who may be resistant to her role as a wife for some perverted goblin, but is very, VERY good at the role. Like yeah she doesn't want to do it, but that doesn't mean she can't do it. Basically a bratty sub. But everything is up for discussion.

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