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    So this one is Going to be on the extreme/messed up side so all warnings.

    I am a limitless female role-player who enjoys rping as Milfs and recently I've been craving a certain long term plot.

    Your character is still young, but has made a real mess of his life, virgin, overweight, unemployed and a high school drop out. You don't really take good care of yourself but still expect the world to be handed to you on a platter. My character is a bombshell trophywife/housewife tall, confident and not particularly smart having to rely on her husband for money and a home. Her kids have left the nest and she is feeling pretty lonely, especially due to her husband losing his sex drive after the vasectomy, leaving her very needy. Our characters would be neighbours. You, living in a crummy home you got from your grandma's will. With one feature, you found a secret basement that's hidden under the floorboards. Mine living in a well off four-bedroom home that her and her husband have paid off. 

    Our story started with the school your character went getting in touch with my character about you due to you being on a watch list and want me to check up on you. So I would go down the street and knock on your door feeling a bit awkward as you're the only person on the street I don't know, only to find you living in squaller, I mean the place is absolutely filthy. Filled with trash and looked like it had never been cleaned since you moved in. Being a good housewife, I would offer to help you clean your place up a bit, like a good housewife and neighbour would and you agree. 

    While I'm over to help clean your place, you would decide that a woman like me still barley in her thirties was wasted oh her husband and decide to take her for yourself. You would kidnap her and use her as a sex slave. Breaking her and impregnating her, eventually breaking the milf enough to get her to divorce her husband and marry you instead. 

    I do prefer to rp on discord, but I can still rp here in privet messages if you want, please message me or comment if you're interested.

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