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  • Kalvoras Vertal
    • Comment here first! Looking

    I, Shuya, was the new guy at your school. From what it looked like, I was the typical bad boy that all the chicks were into. You'd caught my eye from day one, but I was too shy to approach you and get to know you. You, the smart but not nearly as noticed girl/boy, were also into me, but thought that you'd never have a chance. At least, not with all the others asking me out all the time. Little did you know, I was interested in only you, despite all the good looking beauties the school had to offer. One day we were both thrust into a group assignment (in your choice of class). We both avoided making eye contact, but snuck small, brisk glances in each other's directions. The next day, we were still working together, but the other two people we were working with ditched our group for another. This left us alone. And vulnerable... After about half an hour of unsettling silence you decided to break it. You then…

    (("I am willing to roleplay with both males and females on this one!"

    Rules: 1. Please state the name of your character with a picture of them when you ask for permission to roleplay!

    2. Lines don't matter. I just want someone that has good grammar!.

    3. No text talk, no controlling my character, no controlling anyone that I'm currently controlling (unless if I give permission)

    "Have fun!"))

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