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    Welcome to my specific plot ideas forum post! In this post, I'll be adding RP ideas that lean into a much more specific path. This means characters are already chosen, or are limited in choice, and the plot already has a somewhat set path. This doesn't mean things can't change, and if in the midst of the actual RP or planning, we get an idea to expand upon, this is acceptable. 

    I hope the aesthetic pleases you, and I hope there is an idea that pulls in your interests. As mentioned, this post is for my more specific plots, however, I also have a post that is dedicated to broader ideas. Those plots will be much more lenient and forgiving, and will most likely require much more planning. The link will be at the bottom of the page.


    There is also a new key that will show what the state of the posts are. These are subject to change at any time, so feel free to check back regularly.

    🚫 - Locked

    🔥 - Hot/Top

    Without further ado, I shall now list the specific ideas below!


    A lucky find


    So for this one, it involves 2B. The idea is that the future is here, and it's apocalyptic as hell, with everything looking like the game. The buildings are empty and barren, with nature taking over. It's beautiful in a sad way almost. One day, there is a sort of scavenger, who tries to survive the best he can. With the city abandoned, he has it all to himself, and has a garden growing nearby to his camp, a collection of stuff, the whole horde. One day whilst scavenging, he comes across a large metal box, and upon opening it, is met with a gorgeous woman/android named 2B. She agrees to go with him, and we go from there. It can be a slow burner type one, where she's introduced to life slowly, and develops feelings over time as he attempts to teach her things about how he lives, what keeps him going, and more. Or she can be a bit defective, and just want to fuck. (The latter is probably more for a shorter story.)



    Prison woes


    The worst fate has befallen on our main character; a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit! Even worse, is that his false condemnation has resulted in him becoming the newest member of a prison full of women. Being the only guy there, the mistake is as clear as day, but the guards just laugh and say there's no problem. Now in the hungry gaze, our main man is in a bit of a pickle, until the top dogs save him, making everyone back off. Their names are Jolyne, Ermes and FF, and they run the Stone Ocean Prison. They're tough, but kind at heart, and keep him safe, as long as he helps them out from time to time. Relationships grow, and some can't hold back their horny ways. (In case it wasn't clear, this is a bit of a parody of Part 6 JJBA. The girls could want his help to escape, or they could just want to stick around, there's a bit of room to discuss.)



    New recruit


    After Overwatch collapsed, the world was thrown into disarray. People had to do whatever they could to stay safe, and times were tough. Growing up, our main character was blessed with physical attributes that made him perfect for being a solider. That being said, the employers weren't too accommodating, leaving him to join the dreaded Talon. After joining by showing an incredible performance at initiation, our man joins a squad that is tasked to steal intel, led by one Widowmaker. (This could also be Sombra, and is the rough starting point. The main character would work his way up by showing remarkable skills in field, and showing what he has to his teammates. And with Overwatch's return, perhaps he finds a convincing way to "interrogate" them.)



    Billing the hero


    Most of the time, heroes are praised for their self sacrifice, their hard work and bravery, and for saving people. However, that's not always going to be true, thanks to a little thing called property damage. As a normal, everyday guy, having a superhero throw someone through your house and destroy everything you own is a little heartbreaking to say the least. To save face, the hero offers our man a new place to stay. That place being her home. He accepts, and now lives with a hero, having all the awkward encounters like accidentally walking in on her in the shower, walking in on him getting changed, etc. Eventually, one side could break and fuck the other, with or without permission, or the feeling is mutual.

    (This is a little open in terms of characters, as you could take a comic hero, or an anime hero. However, I'd probably suggest someone like Starfire/Raven, or perhaps Miruko from BNHA.)

    Turning the tables


    Ever gotten lost? It's not that fun. Ever gotten lost whilst a bloodthirsty vampire chases you around a mansion? Even worse... most of the time. This plot sees a poor, wandering man who has arrived in a desolate village alone. There is a large castle, of which he explores, hoping to claim it for himself after seeing nobody. However, the house has an owner, and Lady Dimitrescu gives chase, wishing to gut the intruder. However, once cornered, she can't help but give in to a feeling she hasn't felt in a long, long time. Giving the man a chance, things get steamy, and whether he's used and tossed away, or flips the tables and claims his castle, they're sure to be lewd and memorable.



    Cucking rocks?


    If you know the show Steven Universe, you might be aware of these women called gems. There's quite a few of them, and 9/10, they're pretty damn hot. This particular idea involves 2 of these gems by the names of Sapphire and Ruby. When combined, Garnet is around (and whilst Garnet is one of the best waifus, this isn't about her) but separated, they're their own beings. This story would involve Sapphire taking a day to herself, and stumbling upon a friendly human. They spend the day laughing as Ruby does her own thing, but the human has a secret motive. Once alone, his true nature shows, although Sapphire is already aware of his plans, and agrees to go along, in order to learn more about humans. She quickly becomes a fan, and the story continues with them secretly fucking behind Ruby's back, until one day, they're caught... (This could also work with Peridot and Lapis too).



    Streamer troubles 🔥🔥


    So for this, it can be a toss up of it going either way. The basic premise is that either the guy or the gal are streaming for thousands of people, and overall just having a good time. That's when their significant other walks in, giving them some food and a drink after being gone all week because of work. Said person doesn't want to disturb the streamer too much, so drops it off and says they'll be waiting for the later. The streamer doesn't care and keeps them around, pulling them into a chair beside them or something. After a while, they can't hold themselves back, and they "end" the stream, and get down to business, with everyone still watching. They wouldn't know until it was too late however...

    (Also for this, the characters would most likely be some of those Vtubers, but as actual people. So they would actually look like their avatar. Of course, some are going to be a pass for me, but we can discuss that later.)



    Burning love 🔥


    Having a girlfriend is good. Having a hot girlfriend is great. Having a hot girlfriend who is a firefighter is even better. Having a hot girlfriend who is a firefighter, and loved sex? Jackpot. As she fights fires by day, saving lives and helping people, our main character is doing his own best too, by working his own job, and doing everything he can to support his beautiful lover. They're happy together, and despite the risks in her day to day, they both believe in making a long, and wonderful journey together, and things are looking good...


    (Things can go one of two ways here. Things can play out as above, and continue, showing a loving and wonderful story. Or if you prefer a bit of a darker path, there could be a new fire commissioner. And her job becomes... different.)



    Butterflies care 🔥🔥


    Many demon slayers tend to either win their fights with ease, or die horribly. But not all of them. Injuries are prone to happen one way or another, and sometimes, one must take the needed rest to heal. This plot would be focused on a man who often wins his fights against demons, but always ends up worse for wear. Due to him being so prone to injury, he ends up a regular at Shinobu's homestead as she patches him up, or cures his illnesses. One night, after he takes a walk during his recovery period, he bumps into the Insect Hashira, where they sit and chat under the dark sky. After he talks about what he wishes to do with his future, possibly retiring, he realises his feelings for the woman who has saved him countless times. And she's finally glad he's taken the hint too...

    (Potential threesome scenes later too, with adding the Love Hashira to the mix)





    Sometimes, living alone can be perfectly fine. You get to go by your own rules, eat what you want, sleep when you want. However, it doesn't mean that you're immune to getting lonely from time to time. The best solution to this is to get a pet, and for someone who works from home, our main character could do no better than a cat. After rescuing one from the local shelter, and drifting off to sleep that night, he's awoken by... his cat? Sort of? Whether it be a curse, a miracle or something in between, his cat has changed, becoming a busty, glorious woman. With her new level of independence and intelligence, what will she do? Well, still kind of act like a cat, being bossy, a little stuck up and of course, lazy. But she also loves him unconditionally, which results in feelings and actions that cannot be ignored.


    The wrong hero?


    In the Legend of Zelda games, there's a particular character that's always defeating the bad guy and saving the day. But what if that particular guy, wasn't around? What if the hero, was someone who wasn't even supposed to he there? Would the princess still be thankful? These questions and their answers would lead us to this story, and the outcome would purely depend on what the new hero is truly like. Perhaps a little slow burning romance happens between the rescuer and the rescued. This would be nice, but it's not guaranteed. The new "hero" might demand a little more than a kiss on the cheek, or a pile of gold. He might want the princess all for himself, and either with, or without her permission, poor Zelda would be turned into nothing more than a squealing, cumming mess.



    Toppling the system


    As far back as they've existed, there have been people who want to make your time at schools even more unpleasant. The school council. And with this particular school, the council president is the equivalent of a ruthless dictator. Slipping up once means hell from then on out. Such a shame too, when she's so unbelievably hot. To everyone's surprise however, there's one man who refuses to bend the knee and give in to her tyrannical reign. His revolution and anarchy are enough to earn him a private discussion with the fair lady, which is where his plan is able to be set into full swing.

    (Can be a forced encounter, or one achieved through charm. Likewise, could very well be femdom.)



    A true pirate's welcome 🔥🔥


    The vast ocean leaves much to explore, but also has a tendency to take even more. In this story, my character would find himself stranded after his crew was taken out, and his ship destroyed. With nothing left but his cutlass and a bit of treasure, he lays on a beach drinking until he notices a large ship with a lion's face. Upon boarding, he is met by a variety of women, who claim to be looking for their friends. Embarking on a journey with them, they set out in search for the rest of the women's crew. 

    Whilst time passes, a number of hijinks can occur, resulting in mysterious powers gained from Devil fruits. Perhaps they plunder another crew? Perhaps they're captured and "tortured" by the Marines? The possibilities can lead anywhere.



    Order 69 🔥


    With the destruction of the Jedi by the hands of the Sith, many are left wondering just what will happen to the galaxy. After all, the Jedi were loved by many, but announcing such a thing now would result in extreme punishment. As such, our main character struggles, not knowing how to handle the news that the people he respected have crumbled away. Years pass, and our smuggler friend is at a cantina, overhearing some loud mouths talking shit about the Jedi. Frustrated, he gets up to take action, but a Togruta woman intervenes, convincing the man to ignore them. She accompanies him to his ship, and explains that she used to be a Jedi, and names herself Ahsoka. After pleading for help, the man agrees, and they set out across the galaxy, in an attempt to find others who share their views.

    The continuity doesn't necessarily have to line up, which means that characters that were previously deceased could be alive and well again, and join them, creating a small crew of exotic women. 



    And there we have it! This list will be updated regularly with new and exciting ideas for you to read through. However, the post doesn't end here. Below is a list of fandoms that I am particularly interested in. These various franchises may not have a specific post right now, but feel free to ask about them anyway! I'm sure we can work something out!

    Fandom list



    • Fairy Tail
    • Bleach 
    • One Piece 
    • Dragonball 
    • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure 
    • One Punch Man
    • Boku No Hero Academia 
    • Kill la Kill
    • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
    • Monster Musume
    • Konosuba 
    • Naruto
    • Attack on Titan (most of it)
    • Demon Slayer
    • Jujutsu Kaisen
    • Quintessential Quintuplets 


    • Overwatch 
    • Legend of Zelda BOTW
    • Pokemon
    • Super Smash Bros (although I haven't really played much, and don't know a lot of the characters)
    • Helltaker
    • Nier Automata 
    • Destiny
    • Persona 5


    • Teen Titans
    • Steven Universe 
    • Marvel
    • Star Wars
    • Transformers Prime
    • Hololive EN

    Bonus Characters:

    • Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo)
    • Marin Kitagawa (Dress Up Darling)
    • Rem (RE Zero)
    • Chun Li (Street Fighter)
    • Princess Peach (Mario)
    • Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)
    • Maki Oze (Fire Force)
    • Uzaki Hana (Uzaki wants to hang out)
    • Komi Shouko (Komi can't communicate)
    • Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)
    • Hotaru Shidare (Dagashi Kashi)
    • Angewomon (Digimon)
    • Fugiwara Chika (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)


    And there we have it! Below, I have also linked my other post, which has my broader ideas, in case nothing here suited your tastes.

    I have also linked my gallery, which contains other reference pics of characters I'd love to do something with, or use in the above plots.

    Lastly, I hope you all enjoyed reading through my ideas. The list should have new additions regularly, and over time, I'm sure some ideas will be placed on hold for others to shine. Feedback is always welcomed, and feel free to ask questions!



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    Three new plots added, as well as a new system to show where increased interest lies. This might change in the future depending on how effective it is.

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    Two new plots added! May take a break on the specific plots for a while, unless people want to see more, lemme know!

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