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  • The Village, The Castle, And the Factory (Resident Evil Village Request Thread)

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    The Houses have long watched over The Village. For a time, there were no Lords, but the houses remained. Empty, and useless.

    But then, Mother Miranda, bless her name, brought the Lord's back to their place.

    Lady Dimitrescu, in all her beauty, Elegance and wit.

    Lord Moreau, a doctor of surprising skill that belies his putrid frame.

    Lady Beneviento, maker of fine tapestries and clothing.

    Lord Heisenberg, crafter of tools, granter of electricity, and protector of the fields.

    For three generations now the Lord's lived in solitude...

    But now? Now... Someone enters their hearts and homes...

    is it you?


    Take a look.

    Welcome! I'm Braxten.

    Sorry if that opening seemed a little hokey. Just trying to set the mood.

    So, recently I became Quite obsessed with Resident Evil Village!

    I beat the game at least 8 times, got a bunch of the challenges accomplished, and came up with SOOOOO many different headcanons.

    I couldn't get enough of it, so I figured I would attempt to see if there was anyone looking to play in this universe.

    First off, some Rules.

    Be respectful. I am understanding of people's do's and donts, so please respect mine.

    Please, please, feel free to talk out of character. I want to make friends as well as good partners. (Caveat, im a natural flirt, so if you don't want that, please let me know)

    Don't Ghost me. I've been ghosted multiple times, and it's.... It's a very very bad feeling.

    Thats honestly it for hard rules. I just want to have fun, and have people have fun. So if we have to talk about other things, then sure. Let's talk.

    Ah... Now onto the good shit. What pairings I want to do.

    First up... Lady Dimitrescu.



    Lady Dimitrescu

    I'll be honest. I'm REALLY fucking picky about this one. I got spoiled for quality really quick with Alcina.

    The only pairings I am interested in with her is in order of interest descending.

    Alcina/Outsider boy (15-16 years old)
    Alcina/ Villager boy (15-16 years old)
    Alcina/Ethan Winters (this is VERY low on the interests. If you want to do this, you'll have to pitch an AMAZING idea)

    Roleplays with Alcina need to be both emotional and plotful, and insanely kinky.

    Side note, I have no issue with Alcina being in control at first (VERY GENTLY in control) but slowly, I want her to desire being controlled by this young man.

    Kinks I NEED for Alcina

    Extremely Thick. Huge tits, and ass. And a very older milf kind of build. Soft. Decadent.

    Gentle bloodsucking. (No necks currently. I have trauma with that, but can be worked on if you become someone I trust)

    Submissive eventually

    Kinks I WANT for Alcina (buckle up folks, shits about to get kinky and real fucking weird)

    Breeding/pregnancy. So sue me. I want to knock her up again and again.

    Large pregnancies. (Minimum of five. Maximum....heh. we can talk about that.)

    Slapping the belly while pregnant. (I'm fucked up, but I have no intention of writing any harm coming to the babies)

    Nipple fucking/pregnancy. (Honestly kind of self explanatory?)

    Her being able to feel my guys sperm wriggling on her tongue/in her womb impregnating her eggs. (Idk man. I like it)

    Hairpulling and spanking (once again, self explanatory)

    Degradation/slutty outfits. (Take the poised, graceful elegant lady and turn her into a hoe)

    Incest kink/Mommy kink (have her adopt my character, and look at him as her son.

    Worship Kink (ooookay, so recently got into the concept of my characters being worshipped as a god by my partners character.)

    Kinks I WILL NOT DO

    Bathroom play (not my thing)

    Pegging (not my thing)

    My character being submissive fully (can't do it)

    Being cheated on/betrayal (no. Just no.)

    Unconsensual Biting. (This shit will have me getting really pissed, and likely blocking you. Its a very bad reminder. )

    Honestly, if you're curious about shit, just ask, and I'll be happy to explain, or answer you on if I'm interested in stuff.

    Ah!! And now we get to Karl Heisenberg

    Karl Heisenberg

    Karl, I'm less picky about? But he IS my second pick in terms of which Lords I want in my roleplay.

    Unless you want to Double them, which I'd be able to do.

    Karl/villager girl (whatever age within Site restrictions)
    Karl/Outsider girl (whatever age within Site Restrictions)

    So, kinks I NEED for Karl.

    Dominant Karl (mostly due to my own preferences)

    Biting (me biting your characters neck)

    Kinks I WANT for Karl.

    Breeding/Pregnancy (Once again. So sue me. I like it.

    Large pregnancies (five minimum-10 maximum)

    Canine cock (he's basically a werewolf in my eyes so... Yeah. )

    Daddy kink/Incest Kink (mm. Pretty self Explanatory here, I want her to see him as her actual father.)

    Worship Kink(have your girl worship Karl as a God

    Kinks I WILL NOT DO

    Bathroom play (not my thing)

    Pegging(not my thing)

    Betrayal/being cheated on(no. Just no.

    Unconsensual Biting (this shit will get me pissed, and likely lead to me blocking you.)

    Karl being submissive (can't do it)

    So yes, that ends my list of things I wish to do with Resident evil Village

    "What about Donna and Salvatore?" I hear you ask.

    Those two are far more Niche? And if you wish to add them into an ongoing roleplay, I'd be more than happy to, after I've got to know you better, and know I won't be putting lots of effort in for nothing.

    For now, Alcina is my main desire, and Karl is a bit behind her.

    Have a wonderful day, and I hope to hear from you soon!~


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