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    "At the Time Protection Agency we strive to keep the time stream as clean as possible, preventing dangerous time lines from branching off of the central stream and serving to insure a brighter past, present and future of all of existence! Our crack team of Time Agents are equipped with state of the art travel devices that allow them to move freely through the time stream to monitor potential threats. As such they have been put through top of the line training and are further equipped with manuals covering every possible situation they may encounter. Yes, our Agents are infallible, that's why they and they alone are trusted with their time traveling devices! Any questions?"

    "Uhhhh yeah...what if say some horny degenerate got ahold of one of those devices? Could they, speaking hypothetically of course, use them to travel through time and indulge in every base desire with no consequences to themselves?"

    "....I'm not sure why anyone would WANT to do that, after all it could threaten the very existence of the Multi-Verse itself."

    "But COULD someone do that?"

    "W-Well I suppose...after all the devices are rather easy to use. But not just anyone could get ahold of one, after all the Agency is the one that hands them out and only after years of highly advanced training."

    "So if, still hypothetically speaking, an Agent left their device in the bathroom and someone else got a hold of it, there are no safeguards in place?"

    "...This press conference is over."


    Another simple one, MC is some horny schmuck who got a hold of a time machine. Now I did have one idea where YC would be multiple characters, but not all at the same time, basically they would play the different women from different time periods that he "Visited". Another possibility is that YC is a Time Agent trying to stop MC. But I'm open to suggestions.

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