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  • Toru takes a sick day.

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    Howdy folks this is my first post here so sorry if it sucks, but I've been wanting to use this idea for awhile now and figured this is the place to share it. 

    I love the idea of Toru from MHA being a futa, and taking a 'sick day' where she sneaks around the school inconveniencing the other students in a particularly lewd way. I'm looking for more of the side characters for this rp, so the girls from class B, sidekicks, or some of the lesser heroes. I'd prefer to play as Toru, but I'll run this as more of a dm rp aswell but I'll be picking out most of the girls you'll run into while sneaking through the school.

    If you're interested leave a comment, I'm willing to hear you out if liked to make any changes!


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