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  • trans guys need to be broken

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Howdy! Looking for something pretty mean-spirited - I really want to write a trans guy (a man with a vagina in this instance) getting fucked up.
    I've got a couple decades of rp under my belt, and write a 2+ paragraphs a reply typically, although I'm flexible on what I get in return.

    Maybe it's their professor or their boss, and they can't say no or they don't wanna be outed, so they end up with their legs spread or their ass in the air.
    Maybe it's a free-use universe where anyone with a vagina is expected to be ready and willing any time to be fucked, and my boy finds himself frequently getting exposed and bred.
    Maybe he gets molested on the train and ends up having to flash the train.
    Or maybe he meets the wrong guy who plans to turn him 'back into a real girl' and sets about breaking him down into a housewife.
    Maybe he joins a frat and when he gets found out gets made into the frat's pet bitch instead of a contributing member.

    I'm looking largely for noncon/dubcon, and am fine with forced detransition storylines, as well as transphobia in-character only obvs.
    I'm open to whether my boys have had top surgery, whether they've got tits and how big they are, I love all options, particularly in humiliation and upsetting my boy haha.

    You can either PM me here [MOD EDIT: Removed Section 14 Violating Content]
    Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you!

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