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  • Various Roleplay Ideas! (Updated - Halloween 2021)

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    I enjoy brainstorming together and tailoring roleplays to be fun for both participants (so if you'd wanna discuss an idea and change it, I'm open to it).
    But here are some ideas I'd enjoy roleplaying or building an RP around (mostly with me playing a male character):

    1. Trick or Treat! (A simple roleplay about my character knocking on your character's door and ending up getting tricked or getting a treat. Or some Halloween-themed roleplay. Werewolves in the woods, vampires in castles, mummies. Who knows!)

    2. Gods and Demigods. (A roleplay about a god and a goddess. Demigods are also welcome. Can be a roleplay about a mortal and a god/goddess, too!)

    3. The Demon's Maid. (A simple, easy roleplay about a maid serving her master, a demon. Could also be butler and a female demon.)

    4. The Adventurer & The Monster Girl. (Open to the guy being the monster, too. They can end up meeting / being paired in various ways.)

    5. Familiar Love. (Either a roleplay about a mage/sorcerer and their familiar, who would be a magical being. For example, a pixie, a demon, a goblin, a slime-person, etc. Works with a sorceress/witch as well paired with their familiar.)

    6. The Tomboy and the Femboy. (Kind of a silly idea, but a roleplay about a tomboy and a femboy ending up together.)

    7. Goblin's Care. (Something to do with a goblin and another character. Could be a situation where my character is injured and wakes up under her care.)

    8. Witch's Subject. (A roleplay about a witch and their test subject / a rare species. The other character could for example be some more fantastical species: an angel, demon, werewolf, half-dragon, a plant person or anything. Could also work as a male mage/researcher x female character.)

    9. Paladin's Downfall. (A roleplay about perhaps a succubus/demon ending up messing with a paladin/priest.)

    10. Artist's Admirer. (A roleplay about an artist and their fan / patron / employer. There'd probably be a power imbalance with the artist being a bit reliant on the other person. Could even be some younger artist (~20) paired with a more mature person (~33).)

    11. A Cafe Romance. (Two people working at the same cafe end up falling in love or just becoming friends with benefits.)

    12. Healer's Home. (This one's pretty simple: a healer of some sort discovered someone who's injured and the injured person wakes up in their care. The healer can be a nice, chill herbalist just living out in the woods, but could also be someone who's maybe been ostracized. Can be done in a variety of ways.)

    We can discuss characters more after choosing the core idea to build around / you can hit me up with a character suggestion right off the bat! I'm open to a variety of characters and kinks.

    Thanks for reading! You can post here or EcchiText me, I don't mind.

    I want to have all characters involved +18, please!



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