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    For three thousand years, humanity fought endless war against it self across the entire surface of the earth. The four nations, a united north America, united Europe, united asia, and united Africa let their war machines rage and ravage the earth. The arms race was terrible and great, with weapons that wiped out towns, viruses that culled millions, and the attrition of a constant war, when it all started there was nearly a trillion souls on the earth, but now it's hardly millions. 

    A virus had been made at one point to wipe out as many young men as possible, targeting the y chromosome, killing millions of soliders and potential soliders. To counter, the north Americans ( a highly religious nation and the eventual Victor), started genetically enhancing some of their soliders to be immune, and be the greatest warriors on the battlefield. They trained and indoctrinated them heavily and gave them the best weapons and armor. Even still, their numbers were too few and still they died in battle. A desperate attempt was made to sure up their numbers, taking female volunteers, orhpan girls, and unwilling prisoners, and subjecting them to the same serums, modifications, implants and training. There was an unforseen consequence, as the women, as their bodies were modified, lost their womanhood, and their bodies shifted them into futanari. They were nearly as strong, and just as talented as the males, and they continued the program. Like all soliders, they were promised after their service to be allowed to marry, and father children (a strange task for many women who now had male genitals). Until the end of the war, this was never realized, as few made it to the end of their five to ten year service. It's discovered that when one of the gene warrior men fathers a son, they are born with the enhancements, that develop as they age. When futa father children the sons carry the enhancements, and there is a very rare chance that the child will be born a futa, also carrying the enhancements. Girls, of any kind, are unable to carry the enhancements, as their bodies are incompatible with them. 

    When the war was over, the earth was a barren waste, with hardly but ten million people alive of the billions. The only option was to head to the stars. There was thousands of men and futa gene warriors left, and we're split into orders of a thousand and each order was placed as the primary security and leadership of a ship headed to the cosmos. What hadn't been known, was the alien threats that lurked in the stars. 

    After a failed faster than light jump, one colony ship, "Futures light", crashes on a massive planet, ten times the size of earth. There aren't many survivors. And but dozens of the gene warriors left. And as the colony is being set up, an alien threat makes itself known. 

    That covers the overall premise.The idea is that, your character, is a gene enhanced male or futa, one of the few survivors of the colony ship. My character, one of the colonists. And this is their life on a hostile alien world. This can include incest, age gap, and other taboo themes. The only hard requirements are romance and impregnation. 

    My usual requirements are good grammar, and around 3 paragraphs per response. Please text me if youre interested and don't be afraid to ask questions. 

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