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    Hello, this a femdom RP about a little tiefling character, I will be playing as, being married off to an Amazon Chieftess as a peace offering. This RP will be over their wedding night together as My Character Royal learns all his new duties of the Chieftess. I’m looking for someone to play a tall Amazon, Orc, futa or anything that fits as a Tall queen. 


    Royal had no idea what to expect. Clearly his say no longer matters, like it did much before as a Tiefling slave. He did however enjoy the light grooming he received for the ceremony. His shoulder length black hair had all the frazzle taken out and now felt soft and smooth. The handlers made sure to scrub every inch of his lavender skin without mercy. It was the first time he was ever flirted with as well, one of the handlers being scolded as he was “meant to remain pure for the Chieftess” The little tiefling was then dressed in barely anything. A light flower pattern decorated tunic that barely hung past his knees, not allowed to wear anything underneath. His hair and horns decorated with light colored flowers to frame his slender and pointed face. His red eyes are decorated with white make-up to  make them pop a bit more. All Royal knew was that he was meant to be a peace offering to prevent conflict. He was chosen by the Chieftess herself to be her new bound. From what Royal had heard, being the husband of an Amazon Chieftess was like becoming a slave. Royal thought mostly of it as the same thing but just a different master. Leading into the grand wedding, a crowd watched as the wedding commenced, His bride towering over him the entire time. Once the ceremony ended, Royal was carried off to the Chieftess Tent to complete the ceremony


    Thank you for taking the time to read, have a nice day.

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