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    If you would, ladies, imagine this scenario with me...

    It is the early afternoon on warm spring day. The sun is shining, and nature is in full bloom. You have left your single person apartment to stroll through the neighborhood park. In the distance you hear children playing in a park and cars moving along the street. 

    You are walking alone trying to enjoy this beautiful day. The pathway is winding through the green foliage, it's peaceful, intact you haven't run into many people.

    You decide to take a moment and enjoy the scenery with no one there to obstruct it. In the bushes next to the path your eye catches a cardboard box. This box isn't very small, but isn't that very big. You are surprised no one else has taken it away. You walk up to it and wrestle it from the bushes. It's not super heavy and rocks into your grip. Something is definitly inside. You go to open it, but it's sealed by tape. You selfishly decide to take it home, hoping you didn't just steal someone's belongings.

    Carrying it, you feel the weight shift, but no sound eminates from it. It's quite odd. However once you are home and set the box onto your table, you hear a few whines and whimpers coming from inside the box. They are quiet and sound like nothing you've heard before. You rush to find scissors and cut open the top of the box. You stay yourself before looking inside.

    Inside is a creature. It startles you at first, but it cowars in the corner of the box. It resembles something like a squid, but it's tendrils are much thicker and it's face somewhere near its upper body. The tip of the body holds a mouth and two bright silver eyes. You read them and see it's intense fear. Its terrified of you, but doesn't lash out. 

    You calm yourself, as there is no immediate danger. You whisper to it repeatedly that everything is OK. You raise a finger to pet it, softly trembling as you slowly reach out to it. It trembles, but looks up to you. It slowly reaches out to your finger. As your skin makes contact a small metaphoric spark of energy shoots through your finger. It doesn't hurt, buteminates a pleasant feeling. The creature relaxes, almost emoting as if it accepts your friendly embrace. 

    This is the beginning of an amazing relationship with a tentacle monster. Help me write this story as you help it grow into a beautiful and FUN creature. He will love you and treat you like a queen. All you have to do is care for it.


    Now the scenario can play out a little bit different as per your request, but idea will remain the same. You will be adopting a pet tentacle monster that will grow up to be the "best pet ever!" They enjoy any kinds of food, but they also feed on sexual essence, caused by orgasms. They will defend you when you are in peril and love to enjoy the things you enjoy. 

    They can form very closely to your body so you can go out in public with them; however they tend to enjoy your body sometimes when you are out and baggy/new clothing may be required to hide the monster.

    Not only will you have a new friend in your life that will love you always, there are other benefits! Lot and lots of orgasmic bliss (sometimes they may not occur at the most convient times), but they are very enjoyable. Additionally the monsters will keep your body healthy and young. Trails have shown that bonding with said monsters cause the female body to stay fit and firm.

    Yes, this is ripped/inspired by the hentai/Manga "The Stange Creature and I". (Incorrect title at first.)

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