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  • ~ Home Sweet Home ~

    ~ Home Sweet Home ~

    It was bought multiple times, rented endlessly, very rarely auctioned off and once-- abandoned. A lonely looking house that sat on the damp grass of a tall hill with a single road that led to more dense towns and cities, yet the area around it was empty and filled with nature. Only until a lone girl had come to it after leaving her parent's home, she considered renting and eventually buying it, but was unsure because of it's history of how many people lived and possibly died in it. There was always a story of how it was haunted, but there was more to it than it seemed. 

    While unpacking, she grew suspicious of the things that've been happening. Appliances had moved by themselves while she wasn't looking, lights would turn on and off randomly, and sometimes inside of her ear, she would hear a blood curdling voice that was lower than the Mariana Trench. Something had begun directly talking to her, and it turned out to be the house itself! It had complained about the messes left by previous owners, suspecting that she'd be no different. Except it was wrong, the girl was much kinder than any other owner it's had, and with what it could manage to do. The house had warmed up to her, quite literally! From assisting her with everyday appliances to comforting her after a long day's of work by turning up or down the heat, it made sure that she'd be pampered, or even spoiled, if she treated it with the same amount of care. It may have been the last time a person could live in such an odd home...

    ~   ~  ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~  ~   ~

    Mmmm! Now then! Here's a wee little story that I've just come up with, as you can see from my recent status. This is a slightly shorter story than most of my others, but that's just because I sometimes enjoy  simple yet sweet stories!  Ones that are just nice and fun to go through without having to worry too much about, and I just like cute scenarios and things like that. 

    So for this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the living house that is a bit mean at first, but shows it's softer side later on. And I would  absolutely love it  if someone would take the role of the girl who moves in and eventually cares for the bitter home!  (Remember! There are references at the bottom!)

    Here are some things I look for in roleplay: 

    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (It doesn't have to be perfect though!)
    • Decent Length  (I can usually write about three or four paragraphs, but I can negotiate..!~)
    • Expression  (Emotion through character dialogue and details are my favorite~)

    And here are things I don't look for:

    • One Liners  (I don't expect a whole novel, but it's frustrating to write a lot and only get a few words back.)
    • Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice and everything, but if they slow down or contradict the roleplay, there's a problem...)
    • Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone, it's very discouraging to people. If you want to stop the roleplay or aren't available, please let me know, I'll always understand.) 

    Now with that out of the way, though I can always discuss on writing preferences, here's the real meatiness of this roleplay... 

    Kinks! Here are some more lewd things for this roleplay I think would fit:
    ... Hand Holding..?

    Alright, there may not be any kinks for this at the moment, since I can't think of any at least... But I hope for this roleplay to lean towards more cute and romantic scenes than smut. That doesn't mean there won't be any! I just wish that this has more lighthearted fun to it while only having just a bit of more lewdness... Somehow. 

    So that is it! Wait actually, no. I have just one request,  please read my preference sheet before EcchiTexting me and please have one of your own too!  Recently I've been getting ghosted a lot and it's becoming harder and harder to find a decent roleplayer that doesn't just suddenly vanish, seriously, I feel like people set up roleplays with me just to ghost it sometimes. Yet I still push on and make these new ideas for you people to enjoy! So please, all I ask is that you please have a completed profile. I really don't want to get strict with requirements because I don't want to scare off anyone by having so many rules! It's hard enough to build up the courage to EcchiText others, so I don't want to become this super high up and serious roleplayer that everyone's scared of interacting with. 

    But with that out of the way, if you are interested in this idea, then please EcchiText me! I don't bite and am quite patient, so don't let my long bulletin post and bright colors scare you away, because I'm usually pretty accepting when it comes to roleplay, as everything is discussed before I start it off. So let me know if you are interested! I'll see you soon... 

    And thank you for reading this~ 💖




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