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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    Here's a (slightly) better preference sheet of mine. (Yet I can't do multiple selection because of my crappy laptop.) 

    Hello there! I'm Quotation, a little sea cucumber that enjoys roleplaying and creating works of fictional writing and good times with others, and am friends with a molded and cucumber, with my loving wife Yamashiro

    Why I roleplay:
    I began roleplaying a few years back, when things like Discord were still growing in popularity, you know? I enjoyed roleplaying in DMs from different people in different servers, and I've made quite a few friends back in the day. Some still being a good friend of mine to this day, though I hardly use Discord anymore. Which is why I yearned to come to a dedicated site like this to roleplaying. And I've been enjoying it here a lot! 
    And the reason I roleplay is to get away from things in life, and getting to make and share new stories that catch someone else's interest. I find it very fun and calming sometimes, especially when you find an amazing partner to do it with. And roleplaying in general, for me, is really endearing to me when done right. Because roleplaying builds a certain connection with people, and in a weird way, I find it to be another way to love and appreciate someone through writing together. BUT! I am not saying I'm wanting/nor looking for a relationship through a site like this, no, the last time that happened to me. It was very bad. Anyway! Let me make this clear, anything I do in a roleplay, as in the context of a story or fictional scenario, I will likely not condone in real life! 

    Roleplay Requirements
    Alright, I don't actually have any requirements per se when it comes to roleplaying, as I like to keep them free feeling. Yet one thing that I'd MAJORLY prefer, and-- actually... Never mind. I have one requirement since this is bugging me. Please have a completed profile before EcchiTexting me to roleplay. Basically, I'd like to see a preference sheet of some kind and anything else with the basic profile things that you need to have! Because for some reason I've been getting people who have their profiles barely even made with nothing that tells me what they like or what they're into when it comes to roleplay-- or anything else for that matter.
    And these people usually end up giving me one liners, very little communication, and sometimes just flat out ghost me. Even when I've politely asked them to not do so. So for my sake and yours, please have a completed profile before roleplaying with me. It's very annoying to get a roleplay going and then be ghosted or be given such little that you just wanna quit it! Which is something I don't like doing! Since I try to give everyone a fair chance, but some people will take advantage of that so please have that finished! Thats all I ask. 

    Things I like and dislike in roleplay:

    To clarify, I really enjoy fantasy, horror, and dystopian or modern genres in roleplay. They're very fun for me and always have something interesting going on in them. But, I don't enjoy roleplaying Fan Fiction. Fan fictions are okay, but having to roleplay through an already existing media is very lacking for me. I'd rather make something new and fun instead of something already done before. 

    My absolute favorite things in roleplay, are lengthy and detailed replies and expression in the text. Lots of details with plenty of emotion is one of the most enjoyable aspects of roleplaying to me, it brings character and a lot of personality to posts when they have good expression and detail. Those are by far the most important things to me in a roleplay. 

    However, things that really really bum me out are one liners, and very limited words. Like, vocabulary is good. Not everyone has great vocabulary, and that's okay, but when someone uses the same words over and over again. It really takes me out of the experience, and it feels like they don't care about it. Which is the worst possible problem in a roleplay, the lack of motivation or care. And ghosting is worse, because when me and my partner develop a roleplay, I'd like some communication between us. Yet when they suddenly disappear for weeks or months without telling me anything prior, I tend to think that it was my fault, as a lot of people would. So please do not ghost, it is very discouraging for people and most of them will understand if you're not always available. Or if want to end the roleplay. 

    My kinks in roleplay: 

    The things I'm into are mostly vanilla, but I like some spices. Such as  maids, nekos, succubi, monster girls, slime girls, tentacles, yanderes, danderes, tsunderesvideo game characters, slight BDSM, dominatrix, school girls, nurses and other cute things!

    There are of course subjects I don't like however. Like  feet, scat, vore, extreme gore, watersports, excessive BDSM, amputees, necrophilia, animals, and vomit.  Those things really unsettle me and kinda gross me out... 

    I usually roleplay in the 3rd person, but if someone was to ask me to do a 1st person then I can do so. I'm usually flexible about it.

    In general, I hope someone will take a look at some of the content I have made, and maybe EcchiText me for a good and fun roleplay! Roleplaying is incredibly fun for me and I hope I can give someone else a great roleplay! ^w^

    Thank you to anyone who's reading this~  💖

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